Emmerdale Spoilers Tracy and Nate

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Faith and Nate panic as distraught Tracy goes missing

Nate’s desperate to find her

Emmerdale spoilers for next week show the frantic search for Tracy when she leaves the village and her family behind.

The struggling mum reaches a breaking point in her battle with post-natal depression, leading to a heartbreaking decision.

She decides that Nate and baby Frankie would be much better off if she weren’t in their lives anymore.

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But when Nate realises she’s gone, granny Faith has crucial information that could lead to Tracy’s whereabouts.

Can they find her before something terrible happens?

Emmerdale spoilers: Tracy scares herself

Emmerdale Spoilers Tracy runs away
Is there any way back for the struggling family? (Credit: ITV)

After battling her emotions in secret for months, Tracy is in a terrible state at the beginning of next week.

Faith is alarmed when she finds the sleep-deprived mum at the bus stop, and Tracy makes little sense as they chat.

When she arrives home to Nate, Tracy makes an excuse to leave again by saying she’s off to spend the night at good pal Priya’s house.

But instead of heading to Holdgate Farm, Tracy gets in a taxi and tells the driver she’s never coming back to Emmerdale.

The search begins

Emmerdale Spoilers Tracy in turmoil
Tracy is not in a good way when Faith finds her (Credit: ITV)

It doesn’t take long for Nate to realise Tracy is gone.

After discovering she lied about going to Priya’s place, the worried farmer starts the search for his missing partner.

When Faith hears that Tracy is gone, she explains what happened the day before and how worried she is about the poor girl’s welfare.

She grabs Pollard’s car keys and heads to a place where she hopes she’ll find Tracy.

Fortunately, Faith’s hunch is right, and she discovers Tracy under a tree and in a terrible state.

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Consumed by delusions, the stricken mum begins to talk about how she’s feeling.

Faith’s heartbroken as it becomes nightmarishly clear how bad Tracy’s mental state is right now.

But as she offers Tracy support, can Faith convince her to seek treatment for post-natal depression?

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