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Emmerdale spoilers: Ellis destroys Belle with shock secret?

Are these two just not meant to be?

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Ellis Chapman isn’t being completely upfront with new-old flame Belle Dingle after he takes a secretive phone call.

What isn’t he telling her? And will it leave her heartbroken?

Emmerdale Belle is defiant with Ellis beside her as the face Cain
Belle is adamant Cain won’t tell her who she can and can’t date (Credit: ITV)

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Ellis and Belle stand firm

The couple are determined to make a go of things this time, after Belle previously dumped Ellis.

He had been away in Dubai for a number of weeks after leaving without telling her. When he returned unannounced as well, she felt things had fizzled out.

She was also having a fling with Jamie Tate, which didn’t help!

But the spark has recently reignited between them and they are determined to give things a proper go.

However Belle’s brother, Cain isn’t happy.

He’s at war with the whole Chapman family, and was left particularly fuming at Ellis after he abandoned Belle and Kyle in a cold forest.

Kyle nearly died, so Cain retaliated by leaving Ellis alone in the cold overnight.

Emmerdale Cain is furious to see Ellis and Belle together, Moira tries to calm him down
Cain won’t leave them be (Credit: ITV)

Cain finds out about Ellis and Belle

Belle forgave Ellis and invited him to move in with her when he was left with nowhere to live. Cain was furious about it and is predictably fuming when he sees Ellis and Belle together at the Woolpack auction.

They’ve been keeping the fact they are officially an item a secret, but this brings things out in the open.

Cain tells them exactly what he thinks of their relationship, but Belle remains firm.

Al is pleased for the couple though, and even if it is just to wind up Cain, he invites them for dinner with him and Kerry.

Emmerdale Jan 21 Belle smiles at Ellis despite the war between Cain and Al
But is Cain right? Ellis isn’t being entirely honest… (Credit: ITV)

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What is Ellis hiding in Emmerdale spoilers?

But just as Ellis and Belle are finding their feet, Ellis gets a phone call.

It’s clear he’s not expecting it – but who is on the other end of the line?

The call leaves him with a huge decision to make.

What is he hiding?

Will Ellis be upfront and honest with Belle and tell her about the call? And will his decision affect their future together?

Is Belle about to be left broken-hearted by Ellis once again?

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