Emmerdale spoilers Liv and Jacob

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Drunk Liv propositions Jacob

She's trying to get over losing Vinny

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal the shocking moment drunk Liv tries to seduce Jacob.

She’s determined to move them out of the friendzone after getting her heart broken by ex-love Vinny.

Fuelled by vodka and misery, asexual Liv lures Jacob to her house, invites him upstairs and starts to undress.

Stunned Jacob can’t believe what’s happening, especially as everyone knows Liv still loves Vinny.

Emmerdale spoilers Liv and Jacob
Liv gets drunk and dressed up to make her move (Credit: ITV)

Liv and Vinny

Unfortunately for Liv, Emmerdale spoilers show Mandy has no intention of letting the troubled teen anywhere near her traumatised son.

She’s so hell-bent on keeping them far apart that she nicks Vinny’s phone and immediately blocks Liv’s number.

Mandy wants Liv to get the message that Vinny is not going back to her, even if he does still love her.

But she makes matters worse by lying to Liv and telling her that Vinny is on a date with Belle, and doesn’t want her darkening his doorstep ever again.

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Knowing that Vinny has moved on would be bad enough for Liv, but the fact he’s supposedly out with Belle makes things ten times worse.

Liv thinks it’s a double betrayal and is plunged into despair that two people she thought loved her could be so cruel. Of course, when she confronts Vinny he has no idea what she’s talking about.

Emmerdale spoilers Vinny lets Liv down gently
Vinny lets Liv down gently (Credit: ITV)

He’s quick to reassure Liv that Belle is just a mate, but he breaks her heart by reiterating that he can only be her friend.

Now all hope is lost, Liv truly feels like she’s got nothing good left in her life.

Vinny doesn’t want to be with her, Aaron is disgusted by her drinking and nobody hates her more than herself.

So, in an effort to get over Vinny, she decides to hook up with Jacob.

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Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron walks in

Aaron kicks off
Aaron can’t bear to see Liv spiralling (Credit: ITV)

It’s really uncomfortable when Jacob realises that Liv has got an ulterior motive for asking him over.

He’s still grieving for lost love Leanna, plus he knows that Liv is asexual and this is not harmless fun.

But any hopes Liv has are soon crushed when Aaron walks in and goes ballistic.

In a state of fury, Aaron unleashes bitter recriminations and finally throws Liv out.

Has Liv finally hit rock bottom?

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