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Monday 25th May 2020

Emmerdale SPOILERS: The Dingles disown Mandy

Mandy's crossed the line

Mandy and Vinny have brought nothing but trouble to the Dingles' door since they arrived in Emmerdale a few months ago, and it seems the family might have just about had enough next week.

After the pair tried to scam their way into getting their hands on Lydia's windfall, they have found themselves on the wrong side of Dingle law once again.

Mandy has brought nothing but trouble to the Dingles' door since she returned (Credit: ITV)

And as the pair head to the solicitor next week and refuse to leave until they find out who it is that left Lydia so much cash, the solicitor is duped into believing that Mandy is Lydia and almost hands over the information.

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However just in the nick of time they cotton on to the fact Mandy isn't actually Lydia and promptly throw her and Vinny out.

Mandy and Vinny have already faced Dingle court once since their return (Credit: ITV)

But when the scamming pair get back to the village they reveal what happened at the solicitor's office and find themselves disowned by the family for ruining Lydia's chances of ever finding out who left her so much money.

However, it seems the pair do have a conscience after all and the following day their guilt leads them to do something drastic.

They come up with a plan, but of course it's a crazy one, and Mandy starts gathering tools for a break in.

Vinny, however, isn't convinced their plan is fool-proof and heads to the cafe to find Lydia and Sam and warn them about what Mandy is up to.

Mandy is determined to help repay her wrongdoings and help Lydia (Credit: ITV)

Lydia, Sam and Vinny thankfully manage to catch Mandy before she breaks into the solicitor's office, and instead they concoct a plan which is much more likely to work.

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The four of them all pose as Heath and Safety officers and somehow manage to gain entry to the offices without anyone batting an eyelid.

Once inside, they rummage around to find a file that will hold the all-important information about who Lydia's benefactor is, but just as they're about to find it, a security guard catches them in the act.

The gang break into the solicitor's office... what could possibly go wrong? (Credit: ITV)

Have the four of them just made sure Lydia will never find out who gave her the money? Or will someone take pity on her and reveal all?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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