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Emmerdale SPOILERS: Dawn gets devastating news about Lucas

Lucas is currently living with his foster parents

Emmerdale spoilers reveal Dawn gets devastating news about her son Lucas.

Recently Lucas was taken away by social services and has been placed in the care of his foster parents Ted and Carol.

But in next week’s scenes, Dawn is devastated when she gets a call to say that Lucas doesn’t want to come home.

Dawn gets told that Lucas doesn’t want to come home (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile Charles tells Harriet that he has a meeting with the Bishop and she assumes she’s going to lose her job.

Charles argues otherwise, but a pragmatic Harriet is sick of letting her parishioners down. She tells a shocked Charles that she’s quitting the church, convinced it’s best for everyone.

The next day, Charles tries to talk her out of resigning but she’s adamant it’s the right decision.

Harriet quits the church (Credit: ITV)

She is tearful as she asks him to tell the Bishop that she has tried her best, but she’s finished with the church for good.

Later that day, Moira tells Charles how Harriet’s not in a state to be making big decisions. She points out that he shouldn’t let Harriet walk away without a struggle. Will Charles listen to her?

Why was Lucas taken into care?

Last week, Harriet went to pick Lucas up on his birthday. However she ended up losing him in a store for an extended period of time.

Lucas’s former foster mum Carol also happened to be at the store at the time. Luckily Lucas was found by a shopkeeper.

However Carol ended up reporting the incident to social services, who paid Dawn a visit.

Lucas was take away by social services (Credit: ITV)

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Dawn had no idea what happened with Harriet and Lucas. But when social worker Eloise said they would need to put Lucas in foster care, Dawn was heartbroken.

However with Lucas not wanting to come home, will she ever get her son back?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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