Emmerdale SPOILERS: David receives the baby’s paternity results

Maya left prison pregnant!

It’s set to be a dramatic Christmas in Emmerdale when a baby is left on David and Jacob’s doorstep. And when they discover the baby is Maya’s, David has a paternity test done to find out if he or Jacob is the child’s father.

Fans of the soap have seen Jacob struggling to move on since being groomed by paedophile Maya Stepney.

The schoolteacher, who was also dating Jacob’s dad David, began grooming Jacob when he was 15 and started sleeping with him just days after he turned 16.

But after a recent wake up call from David and his biological mum Leyla, Jacob has started to get his life back on track and been trying to move on.

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Maya groomed Jacob (Credit: ITV)

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After spending five months in prison for abusing Jacob, Maya was recently released and it was revealed to viewers that she is pregnant!

Not knowing Maya was pregnant, David and Jacob are in for a shock on Christmas day.

As Jacob, David, Leyla and Eric gather to wish each other a Merry Christmas, their perfect day is shattered when Jacob opens the front door and finds a baby on the doorstep.

A baby is left on David’s doorstep (Credit: ITV)

They’re shocked to discover a note signed from Maya but are initially unconvinced it’s from her and consider that someone is playing games with them.

The next day, David wants to keep things about the baby quiet until they know more and they find themselves looking after the tot.

David decides to have a paternity test done to find out if that baby is his or Jacob’s.

David wants to keep things about the baby quiet until they know more (Credit: ITV)

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At Farrers Barn, along with Leyla they await the arrival of the paternity results.

Who’s the father of the baby?

Emmerdale’s hour-long special airs at 7pm on ITV on Christmas Day.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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