Emmerdale SPOILERS: Dan hides a huge secret from Amelia

He's facing even more troubling times

Emmerdale spoilers reveal Dan keeps a huge secret from his daughter Amelia. But will the pressure of hiding something from her be too much?

Recently Dan was involved in an accident after eating food he was allergic to. He has been left unable to work and with the bills mounting he finds himself struggling.

Dan worries about money (Credit: ITV)

Despite the £10,000 payout from Brenda, Dan is still struggling financially. He tries his best to keep his financial troubles a secret from his daughter.

But will Amelia eventually find out the truth?

Emmerdale: What happened to Dan?

After Dan ate a mislabelled wrap from Brenda’s cafe, he had an allergic reaction and fell to the ground in the mechanics.

But Brenda already knew of Dan’s allergies, as he previously had a reaction in the cafe, and forgot to check all of the ingredients.

The fall caused him to hurt his back and he was left needing surgery.

The accident left Dan in a wheelchair (Credit: ITV)

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Brenda tried to get rid of evidence that tied her to Dan’s allergic reaction. However Mandy Dingle found the evidence in the bin.

While Brenda’s been away, the cafe has been left in Bob’s care. But when he discovered the insurance wouldn’t pay out for what happened to Dan, they had to come to a deal.

Bob told Dan that Brenda could offer him 10 grand (Credit: ITV)

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With Nicola and Jimmy deciding to buy into the cafe, it meant Brenda could afford to give Dan £10,000.

Although Dan had to think about it, and despite Amelia’s pleas for him to reject the offer and take it further, Dan decided to take it.

But recently he ended up lashing out at Amelia when she encouraged him to use the money for expensive physio sessions.

Is the money going to be enough to cover his bills and therapy? Will he come to regret taking the payout?

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