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Emmerdale spoilers: Cheating scandal as Mack kisses Dawn

Mack is furious with Charity

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Mack makes a move on Dawn right in front of Charity.

Is their relationship over for good?

In next week’s scenes Charity heads off dressed for Johnny and Moses’s play date.

Meanwhile Ryan gets multiple calls and when he answers, it’s clear he’s heard terrible news.

Emmerdale Tue 25 Jan Mack blurts out Irene has died to Charity
Ryan tells Mack that Irene has died (Credit: ITV)

Ryan tries to contact Charity who rejects his call. Soon he confides in Mack and reveals his adoptive mum Irene has died.

Charity is with Vanessa. As the boys love spending time together, Charity and Vanessa are thick in conversation and Charity rejects Mack’s call.

Mack offers to drive Ryan to his brother.

Emmerdale Vanessa and Charity have a great time on the playdate Mon 24 Jan
Vanessa and Charity have a great time on the playdate (Credit: ITV)

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The next day Mack urges Ryan to tell Charity about Irene dying.

When Mack blurts out the news, Charity is cross with him for not telling her sooner.

Charity is left hurt realising she’s upset both Mack and Ryan. Even Vanessa is annoyed with Charity for her typical behaviour and heads off.

Emmerdale spoilers: Mack kisses Dawn

Meanwhile Mack hits the booze and starts discussing his tumultuous relationship with Dawn.

Vanessa encourages Charity to try and fix things with Mack. But before anything can be said Charity spots a drunk Mack across the road, who has clocked her with Vanessa.

Jealous, he leans in and kisses Dawn.

Wed Jan 26 Charity wants to fix things with Mack, but drunk Mack kisses Dawn
Mack kisses Dawn (Credit: ITV)

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The next day, Billy is angry to hear Mack kissed Dawn.

Mack and Charity are over, but Vanessa messes with Mack’s head when she says Charity was coming to apologise to him before he messed up and kissed Dawn.

Can Charity and Mackenzie sort things out or is it over for good?

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