Emmerdale SPOILERS: Chas Dingle and Paddy set for Christmas wedding

Chas is in for quite the Christmas shock

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Emmerdale‘s Paddy Kirk is planning a shocking Christmas gift for partner Chas Dingle – a surprise wedding!

The couple went through a tough time this year when Chas began treating Paddy terribly and he realised he couldn’t see a future with her as things stood.

Paddy and Marlon are planning the surprise wedding for Chas Dingle (Credit: ITV)

She had propositioned Al Chapman, leaving Paddy devastated, but in the end she realised what she stood to loose.

Last month, things came to a head and the pair almost split.

Only Chas changing her mind and begging Paddy to give her another chance affected him.

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She told him: “You said you can’t imagine us growing old together but that’s because you’re hurting.

“Otherwise, why would you say you’ll always be by my side? Those words can’t have meant nothing.

“I have never felt so broken at the thought of losing someone. I lie in bed and did the same, only I could see us clear as day.

Will Chas be delighted? (Credit: ITV)

“We were holding hands and walking down a pier because you know you’ll still be playing those ridiculous video games when you’re 70.

“And then I felt sick at the thought of it never happening. I love you Paddy, and I know you love me deep down. But if I’m wrong then please tell me and put me out of my misery.”

Paddy relented and told her: “I do love you but I’m scared that you’ll meet someone better and do it again.

“I’m scared of being without you because I will never love another woman as much as I love you.”

Their reunion complete, things were back to normal for them but that’s not enough for Paddy.

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He wants to make things official and next week he will put his plan into action.

Aaron will overhear an excited Paddy and Marlon conspiring together and will shockingly discover Paddy’s planning on marrying his mum at Christmas.

But will Chas say yes? Or will they finally split for good?

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