Emmerdale SPOILERS: Charity in trouble as she meets dangerous newcomer?

Charity fears Vanessa doesn't want her anymore

Emmerdale spoilers reveals Charity meets a newcomer. But is she in danger when she hears a noise coming from the boot of his car?

In next week’s scenes, Charity tells Tracy that Vanessa seemed desperate to get away from her yesterday after the hearing.

Upset and under emotional strain, Charity tells Tracy that Vanessa is ignoring her and doesn’t want her anymore.

Charity tells Tracy she thinks Vanessa is having an affair (Credit: ITV)

Charity believes her girlfriend is having an affair and Tracy tries to reassure her. She even laughs at the suggestion, but Charity is having none of it and storms out of the house, slamming the door.

Emmerdale: Charity gets into an accident

The barmaid drives off and later parks in a layby. She contemplates calling Vanessa but decides against it.

As she goes to drive off, she is hit by another car and squares up to fight with the owner.

She argues with the other driver over whose fault the accident was and he 0ffers to pay but Charity soon realises something dodgy is going on.

Vanessa is currently staying with her mum (Credit: ITV)

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He offers her £500, but she says she’s not leaving until she gets £1000 off him.

They are locked in a standoff but it isn’t long before Charity warms to his charms and accepts the offer.

Charity cheats on Vanessa

It’s not long before Charity and this stranger are flirting and there’s obvious sexual chemistry.

After they share a kiss, a flustered Charity tries to head off. However she suddenly hears a noise coming from the boot of his car and goes to investigate.

Charity hears noises from the guy’s car boot (Credit: ITV)

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Soon his tone changes and he tells Charity to back off.

What will she do next? Is she in danger?

Meanwhile, Tracy is discussing her upcoming scan with Nate when she gets a call from Vanessa. She is unsettled by what she hears.

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