Emmerdale Spoilers Charity and Mack

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Charity drowns during the survival challenge?

Mack tries desperately to save her

Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers reveal Charity in peril when she disappears in dangerous water – has she drowned?

The deadly drama kicks off when Charity agrees to be one of the survivalists in the HOP challenge.

Although it’s made crystal clear that they must abide by all the safety rules, bad girl Charity rebels.

She and Mack are determined to win – but their cheating will cost them dearly.

Emmerdale spoilers: Charity and Mack join forces

Emmerdale spoilers Charity
Charity and Mack plot to cheat their way to a win (Credit: ITV)

Things are getting serious between Charity and new flame Mack.

They are genuinely starting to fall for each other, and Charity didn’t expect to feel this way after losing Vanessa.

Mack is handsome, charming and exceptionally naughty, which ticks all of Charity’s boxes.

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They think it’ll be a laugh to take part in the challenge, and they want to win.

So, they decide to cheat by ditching off their respective groups and joining forces with each other.

The murky depths

Mack loses Charity
Mack has no idea where Charity has gone (Credit: ITV)

Things take a dangerous turn when Charity and Mack get separated, and he hears a loud scream.

Rushing over to help Charity, Mack’s horrified to see no sign of her in the water, aside from large ripples across the surface.

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In that heart-stopping moment, Mack becomes convinced that Charity has been dragged under, and time is running out to rescue her.

Will he be able to save her, or will Mack lose Charity when he’s only just won her heart?

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