Emmerdale SPOILERS: Charity and Vanessa split up?

Charity thinks Vanessa has been having an affair

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Emmerdale spoilers reveal there’s trouble ahead for Vanessa and Charity. But are they over for good?

This week sees Charity cheat on Vanessa with a stranger after she fears Vanessa is having an affair.

In next week’s scenes Charity is full of self-loathing. She quickly turns to the bottle to hide her upset that her relationship with Vanessa is in tatters.

Charity turns to the bottle (Credit: ITV)

Tracy is hard lined regarding Charity’s position and explains to her that she brought it on herself, showing no sympathy.

Later, Charity asks her if she can take Johnny to see Vanessa to remind her of the family they once had. But Tracy drops the bombshell that the toddler is already with Vanessa.

Tracy drops a bombshell on Charity (Credit: ITV)

Tracy soon drops another bombshell which shatters Charity’s hope of reconciliation.

Are Charity and Vanessa over for good?

Emmerdale: Charity cheating on Vanessa

This week, Charity tells Tracy that Vanessa seemed desperate to get away from her yesterday after the hearing.

She tells Tracy that Vanessa is ignoring her and doesn’t want her anymore and that she even believes Vanessa is having an affair.

Tracy tries to reassure Charity and laughs at the suggestion, but Charity soon storms off.

After contemplating calling Vanessa, Charity decides against it and drives out of the layby she’s parked in.

Tracy tries to reassure Charity (Credit: ITV)

However she’s soon hit by another driver and squares up to him.

They argue and he offers to pay but Charity soon realises something dodgy is going on. He offers £500, but she says she’s not leaving till she gets £1000 off him.

They are locked in a standoff but it isn’t long until she warms to his charms.

They soon start flirting and end up sharing a kiss. A flustered Charity heads off  but she hears a noise from the boot of his car,

She she goes to investigate, his tone changes and he warns her to back off.

Who does Charity cheat on Vanessa with?

Although the identify of the stranger remained quiet, it was recently revealed Charity cheats on Vanessa with Moira’s brother, Mackenzie.

A short trailer shows Mackenzie kidnaps Cain Dingle. However he soon runs into Charity.

Will Charity’s mistake cause her and Vanessa to split?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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