Emmerdale SPOILERS: Cain plots revenge on Jamie

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Cain plots revenge on Jamie

The truth about Moira's hit and run is out...

The truth that Jamie Tate is the one who mowed Moira Dingle down in a hit and run is finally revealed in Emmerdale next week and Cain Dingle is baying for his blood.

More drama for Belle in Emmerdale as Cain plots revenge on Jamie (Credit: ITV)

With Belle Dingle devastated that her family have turned against her, she is all alone in the world with just the Tates as allies.

Andrea’s revenge 

But luckily for Belle, things are going well with Jamie, even with his estranged wife Andrea Tate back in the village.

Jamie has been keeping Andrea sweet, knowing that she could reveal the truth about the hit and run at any moment.

Jamie and Belle laugh at the fact Andrea has fallen for their lies (Credit: ITV)

And that’s exactly what she does when she overhears Jamie and Belle laughing about her behind her back.

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Fuming and out for revenge, Andrea heads straight to see Moira and tells her that Jamie is the one who mowed her down and left her for dead.

Andrea sees red and tells Moira everything (Credit: ITV)

The truth is out 

Moira is reeling that the person who almost killed her is someone she knows, and it’s not long before she is confronting Belle.

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Of course, Belle plays dumb, pretending that this is the first she has heard of Jamie’s involvement.

But Moira and Cain weren’t born yesterday and know she is lying and still covering for the man she loves.

Belle lies that she had no idea that Jamie was the one who ran Moira over (Credit: ITV)

Realising the game is up, Belle races home to tell Jamie that Moira and Cain know everything.

But instead of panicking, Jamie is as cool as a cucumber and tells her that the police can’t pin the crime on him after he covered his tracks.

Having thrown all the damaged car parts in the bottom of a lake, Jamie is certain that he is in the clear.

However, the pair head to the lake just the check they really have hidden all the evidence from the police.

Belle stands between Cain and Jamie, but can she stop Cain getting his revenge? (Credit: ITV)

But once there, it soon becomes clear that the police are the least of their worries when a fuming Cain is seen approaching clutching a baseball bat.

Cain with a weapon is never going to end well, but will Belle manage to save Jamie from Cain’s wrath?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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