Emmerdale fans horrified by Arthur's evil abuse of Archie

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Archie’s bullying ordeal will continue as Arthur gets worse

The harrowing storyline is set to get even worse

It’s been revealed that Emmerdale‘s Archie’s bullying ordeal is set to continue and get even worse.

The young son of Jai Sharma and late mum Rachel has been bullied by Arthur Thomas in harrowing scenes for months.

Actor Chris has revealed Archie’s ordeal will continue (Credit: ITV)

And while his suffering hasn’t been seen on screen since before Christmas, it has now been confirmed that it is set to continue and will contribute to dad Jai’s stress.

Viewers have watched as Arthur has tormented Archie and framed Jimmy King for the abuse to cover his own tracks.

Actor Chris Bisson, who plays Jai, told Digital Spy: “The situation with Archie, Arthur and Jimmy hasn’t gone away. Archie is still traumatised.

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“From Jai’s perspective, he doesn’t know why, but Archie is having nightmares and he’s wetting the bed. That means Jai is getting no sleep.

“It’s layer upon layer of frustration, angst and anxiety about his son, but he’s not understanding what has happened to Archie and hasn’t been able to fix it. It’s driving him insane.”

The news the storyline will continue will not be easy for viewers to take.

Archie has been traumatised by the bullying (Credit: ITV)

They have hit out at the soap’s disturbing scenes showing young Arthur bullying his half-orphaned step-brother and begged bosses to put an end to it.

Fans of the soap described how they found the plot “stomach turning” and “uncomfortable” as Arthur’s behaviour became more threatening and sinister.

One wrote: “As a mum I am really not liking this storyline. I know it goes on in the world but my stomach turns every[time] that poor wee boy gets tormented.”

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Another said: “Poor child. It’s horrible watching him go through the torture of Arthur’s bullying. Hope this storyline ends soon.”

A third wrote: “Not a fan of this story. It’s very uncomfortable to watch Arthur being so horrible.”

“I love Emmerdale but this storyline has upset me… It just goes to show how cruel some kids can be – it’s sad. I hope it resolves itself soon!” added one more.

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