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Emmerdale SPOILERS: Andrea returns – and then disappears again

She's back and then she's not...

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Emmerdale airs the return of Andrea Tate next week as the show begins screening normal episodes again.

The last we saw of her, Andrea was hiding out in a hotel with daughter Millie having discovered the truth about husband Jamie’s affair with Belle.

After a revenge plan which saw her expose them in the middle of The Woolpack, Andrea fled, leaving behind her cash, purse and cards.

With Jamie worried sick about his estranged wife, the police manage to track her down.

Police find Andrea in Emmerdale

Andrea is found by the police in next week’s Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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Andrea assures the officers she is safe and well, and they return to report to Jamie. However, although he’s relieved Andrea and their daughter are okay, he’s frustrated when the police won’t disclose where they are.

But of course, scheming Kim Tate, Jamie’s mum, has a plan…

When Andrea calls Leyla asking for help, Leyla rushes off to meet her at the hotel. But as she drives away a mystery figure is watching her.

Leyla is followed as she goes to meet Andrea (Credit: ITV)

It’s revealed to be Kim, who follows Leyla into the hotel determined to track Andrea down. Will she find her daughter-in-law? And what will she do if she does?

Leyla persuades Andrea to come home

Meanwhile, Leyla tries to persuade Andrea to come home. She tells her she’ll pay her hotel bill as long as Andrea returns to the village with her.

Andrea agrees, but when she gets back she’s immediately greeted by something she really didn’t want to see.

Emmerdale Andrea back
Leyla brings Andrea home (Credit: ITV)

Jamie and Belle are in the middle of the village having reconciled. Andrea’s timing is impeccable as she gets out of the car to witness them declaring their love for each other.

Andrea is unseen as she watches them together, but her worst fears confirmed, she tells Leyla she cannot possibly stay and stomach this.

Jamie and Belle’s romantic reunion makes things worse (Credit: ITV)

Andrea missing again

Later, Jamie is stunned when he returns to Home Farm and finds Millie in the kitchen alone.

However, Andrea is nowhere to be seen…

Millie’s back, but where is Andrea? (Credit: ITV)

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Where has she gone this time? And why hasn’t she taken Millie with her?

Has something happened to Andrea? Or is this just another one of her games to make Jamie pay?

Next week Emmerdale airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm on ITV.

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