Has Andrea disappeared from Emmerdale for good this time?

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Has Andrea disappeared from Emmerdale for good this time?

Andrea doesn't want to face her husband

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In tonight’s Emmerdale (July 3) Andrea vanished from the village, leaving daughter Millie with Jamie. Has she gone for good?

In next week’s Emmerdale, Jamie struggles to locate his missing wife Andrea.

Next week, Kim encourages Jamie to forget about Andrea. But she’s left confused when she receives an anonymous call. Is it from her daughter-in-law?

Has Andrea disappeared from Emmerdale for good? (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile one of Millie’s pictures indirectly reveals that she and Andrea were previously hiding at Take A Vow. Jamie is furious that Leyla was helping her. However he’s left confused when Leyla reveals she has no idea where her friend has gone.

Jamie’s left wondering if Andrea has done something stupid.

Kim tells Jamie about the mysterious phone call

Later, Kim tells Jamie about the call she received that morning and Jamie calls 1471. He traces the call and hopes it’s the clue they need to find out Andrea’s location.

Jamie sets off to try and find Andrea (Credit: ITV)

He sets off to bring Andrea home but will he regret making the journey? Has Andrea left the village for good?

Andrea, Jamie and Belle love triangle

Before lockdown, viewers saw Andrea and Leyla expose Jamie and Belle’s affair in front of family and friends in The Woolpack.

Whilst Andrea played dumb, pretending to know nothing of their infidelity, she ran off and later tried to get Jamie to give their relationship a go.

Belle Dingle mental health
Andrea exposed Jamie and Belle’s affair (Credit: ITV)

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As Jamie discovered Andrea was behind the exposure, he was furious. But he later discovered Andrea had taken Millie and fled from the village.

It was later revealed that Andrea had been hiding out a hotel to scare Jamie. She decided to return, but when she saw Jamie and Belle confess their love for each other, she made the decision to leave again.

But now she’s returned Millie and gone off by herself, could she be in danger?

Next week Emmerdale airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm on ITV.

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