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Emmerdale SPOILERS: Al’s mystery woman revealed as three villagers receive mysterious messages

Al wants to contact his mystery woman on Christmas

Emmerdale spoilers reveal Al’s mystery woman is revealed as three villagers receive mysterious texts. But who could it be?

In the week leading up to Christmas Priya is firm on wanting Al to herself on Christmas Day. But Al steals himself to send one last message to his mystery woman. He’s delighted at the game he’s successfully playing.

Later, on Christmas Day, Al gives Priya an expensive necklace that matches Amba’s. However he’s eager to get away to see his mistress and he concocts a story.

Al gives Priya a necklace. However he wants to see his mistress (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale: Al’s mystery woman is revealed

As Andrea, Dawn and Belle all receive mysterious texts, viewers will be left wondering who Al’s mystery woman is.

All is soon to be revealed…

But who is Al’s mystery woman?

Emmerdale: Michael Wildman and Fiona Wade talk about Al’s cheating

Speaking about whether Priya is suspicious of Al, actress Fiona Wade told Entertainment Daily and other media: “She has no idea. She’s completely oblivious.

She has no idea. She’s completely oblivious.

“I think she just thinks he’s busy and he’s working.”

Al Chapman Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)
Al is cheating on Priya. But will he get caught out? (Credit: ITV)

She added: “I think maybe if she really looked into things she’d realise that I think she’s just a girl that’s madly in love and trusts him fully. I think she’s all in with this relationship.”

Speaking about whether he thinks Al can get away with leading a double life, Michael Wildman said: “Yes. Because that’s kind of what Chapman does.

Priya has no idea about Al’s cheating. But will the truth come out? (Credit: ITV)

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“As things escalate, I think that’s where the game comes in for him and unfortunately that’s where he thrives.

“I don’t think he set out to be like that but as we get further into it that’s where he starts to buzz really and that’s why he continues.”

For Christmas week Emmerdale will air on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7pm. Christmas Eve will be an hour long special at 6.45 and Christmas Day will also be an hour long episode at 6.30 on ITV.

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