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Emmerdale SPOILERS: Aaron sees Ben’s lifeless body

Meena has now killed four people

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New Emmerdale spoilers reveal the moment Aaron Dingle sees the lifeless body of his boyfriend, Ben.

Recently Aaron and Ben have been planning to move to Cornwall.

In tonight’s episode (Thursday, November 25) Ben discovered bodycam footage from the survival challenge which Meena trying to drown Victoria, but he couldn’t see it was Meena.

Ben called Billy to come see the footage, however Meena was with him and when she found out the footage had been discovered, she went off to the Hide.

Ben found out Meena tried to kill Vic (Credit: ITV)

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At the Hide Ben found a drunk Liv trying to steal alcohol and tried to get her to go home. However she became aggressive and he recorded her so he had evidence of her behaviour to show Aaron.

Liv left the Hide after taking Ben’s phone. After she had gone, Meena approached him and made out Billy sent her to review the footage.

Emmerdale: Meena murders Ben

As they watched it, she ended up confessing she tried to kill Vic.

Ben managed to get away with the camera and Meena chased after him, but slipped in the wine spilled by Liv.

Ben got back to his car but felt bad leaving Meena unconscious so went back inside to see if she was okay.

Meena killed Ben (Credit: ITV)

However he couldn’t find her and when he went back outside, he heard a noise.

He went to see if it was Meena and she hit him over the head with a kayak oar.

As he left on the ground, Meena sat next to him watching the footage of her trying to drown Vic.

She took Ben’s bracelet before he made a noise. She then got frustrated and hit him over the head once again.

Emmerdale spoilers: What’s next after Ben’s death?

Aaron sees Ben’s lifeless body (Credit: ITV)

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Spoiler pictures reveal the heartbreaking moment Aaron sees Ben’s lifeless body.

How will Aaron cope without Ben and will Meena get away with murder again?

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