Emmerdale SPOILER: The game is up for Lachlan

Is the game finally up for the twisted killer of the Dales?

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Lachlan White’s series of horrible murders could be set to be uncovered once and for all next week as both Robert Sugden and Priya Sharma become even more suspicious of the teenage killer.

Belle makes a horrifying discovery (Credit: ITV)

As fans of Emmerdale know, Lachlan has already slaughtered five people and rumour has it that he’ll bump at least one more resident off before he gets caught.

And what everyone wants to know is who is that person?

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It’s not looking great for Sam Dingle unfortunately as he gets to see first hand just how dark his would be brother-in-law really is after making a shocking discovery in the boot of Lachlan’s car.

Then Belle is sent into a panic when she spots blood on a jacket and pleads with Lachlan to tell her where Sam is.

Horrified at her discovery, she makes a bolt for the door but isn’t quick enough and Lachlan holds her back.

She pleads with him again to let her see Sam and is heartbroken when she sees his apparently lifeless body. Has Lachlan murdered Sam?

Lachlan doesn’t want to lose Belle (Credit: ITV)

Belle’s own life is in danger when when Lachlan forces her to leave Emmerdale with him.

But soon Belle finds herself hurt and lying in the road, how did she get there?

And is Lachlan prepared to kill the one person he truly loves to keep his murderous secret?

Lachlan killed his mother Chrissie and granddad Lawrence in a car crash in January this year.

He grabbed the wheel to ensure they crashed and couldn’t move to Australia, but ended up killing them dead.

Lachlan caused the crash that killed Chrissie and Lawrence (Credit: ITV)

His best friend Gerry Roberts then discovered what Lachlan had done, sealing his own fate.

After joking about Lachlan’s killings one too many times, Lachlan crushed him in the B&B to trap him.

He then bludgeoned him to death to keep his secret safe.

Most recently Lachlan murdered his aunt Rebecca after she caught him trying to kill Robert Sudden and Liv Flaherty.

She was kept captive in a remote shack in the woods before he suffocated her when she tried to escape.

Though viewers are convinced she survived after an intriguing Instagram post revealed actress Emily Head was filming recently.

Lachlan seemingly murdered Rebecca too (Credit: ITV)

But now in an explosive spoiler trailer Lachlan’s secret seems to be revealed when his girlfriend Belle Dingle discovers blood on his clothes.

The pair have a vicious row as a terrified Belle tries to escape him.

He also has a run in with Sam Dingle when he’s caught dumping something in the woods.

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And more terrifyingly, Lachlan loads a gun and hunts Robert Sudden around the Dingle farm.

Robert can be seen looking petrified as Lachlan takes aim and shoots in the trailer.

Is Sam dead? (Credit: ITV)

It then promises that the action will happen in September.

But will Lachlan claim another victim before he is exposed?

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