Emmerdale SPOILER: Ryan attacks Bails

He finally sees his biological dad's true colours

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Ryan Stocks could find himself making a dangerous enemy next week when he attacks his biological dad, evil DI Bails.

Ryan is left upset when he sees how distressed his mum Charity is as she awaits Bails’ trial for rape to start.

Ryan is upset when he sees how distressed Charity is (Credit: ITV)

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Hoping he can get Bails to change his mind about pleading guilty, he calls him and asks to meet.

But when Bails refuses to change his plea, Ryan is stunned when he sees his true colours and fuelled by anger, throws a plank of wood at him.

As Bails hits the deck he promises Ryan that he’s made a very big mistake, leaving Ryan worried about what he means.

Later Charity is mortified when Cain tells her that Ryan has been arrested for attacking Bails.

Will it have an impact on the trial?

Ryan asks Bails to change his plea (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans were left devastated last week when Charity finally told her family that Ryan was her long lost son and he was rejected by her teenage son Noah.

Soap viewers were also taken aback as the show’s characters reacted in confusion, disbelief and anger at the unexpected news one of the village’s most recent additions was born after Charity was raped as a child.

And although daughter Debbie was eventually able to process the bombshell about the new family member, Charity’s second son could barely bring himself to look at Ryan.

“Do you know what you are? You’re a piece of him. And we don’t want anything to do with him,” Noah lashed out, struggling to hold back tears and referring to Ryan’s father DI Bails.

Ryan attacks Bails (Credit: ITV)

The emotional 14-year-old bawled: “I don’t want him here, mum. Not after what his dad did to you.”

Turning to Ryan, Noah continued: “You’re just a reminder… and we’re trying to forget!”

Demanding he come nowhere near him or his mum, Charity devastated Noah as she insisted she did want Ryan in her life.

“I need Ryan here,” she said, imploring Noah to see matters from her perspective.

She stressed: “And Ryan, you are welcome here always, okay?”

As both Noah and Ryan made to leave, with Noah insisting he would move out and live with Joe Tate, Charity clarified she would not abandon her second eldest child again.

Has Ryan made things worse for Charity? (Credit: ITV)

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“I’m sorry but I won’t lose Ryan again. I can’t,” she said, aware her words would crush Noah.

Although many viewers were infuriated at Noah’s ‘bratty’ ways, many others sympathised with him because of the extraordinary situation provoking his outburst – and because he was putting his mum first.

Will Noah come round?

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