Emmerdale SPOILER: Rodney dies?

He collapses suddenly leaving his life hanging in the balance

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After their meddling in their dad’s love life, Bernice and Nicola will feel the full extent of their actions when their dad Rodney collapses next week and is rushed to hospital.

Rodney rages when Bernice tells him the truth about Misty (Credit: ITV)

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The sisters will decide this week that Misty has outstayed her welcome and will be delighted when she’s offered a job eating fire in Thailand. Yes, really.

But when it becomes apparent that Rodney is planning to go with her, they jump into action and lie to Misty, telling her that Rodney is far too unwell to travel all that way.

Their meddling pays off and Misty leaves alone, but Rodney is baffled and is left scratching his head about why she’s gone.

The girls start feeling guilty as Rodney is not taking Misty’s departure very well at all.

Rodney is distraught after Misty left (Credit: ITV)

Nicola and Bernice try to convince Rodney that he’s better off without his ex, but he’s not convinced and he’s hell bent on finding out why she left him.

Bernice is forced to confess what they told Misty, leaving Rodney absolutely boiling over with rage.

The sisters are horrified when he suddenly collapses and his life hangs in the balance.

A panicked Nicola frantically dials for an ambulance, but will it get there in time?

Meanwhile, as Rodney receives medical attention, Bernice gets flustered by the arrival of Dr Cavanagh. Talk about priorities.

Bernice is flustered by Dr Cavanagh (Credit: ITV)

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Will Rodney pull through? Will Bernice embark on a fling with the dishy doctor?

Her mind might be made up when Daz arrives dressed as a clown, declaring it’s his new job, later in the week.

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Emmerdale airs week nights at 7pm with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursday on ITV

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