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Emmerdale SPOILER: Robron wedding details revealed

The big day is only weeks away but is someone getting cold feet?

Robert Sugden has only got one thing on his mind in Emmerdale next week – and that’s his wedding to Aaron Dingle.

In a preview clip released by the ITV soap from next Friday’s episode, Robert is seen at a table making a list of all the things they need to organise for the forthcoming nuptials.

Aaron Dingle in Emmerdale
Something’s bothering Aaron (Credit: ITV)

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The good news is the invites are sorted. We’ll be waiting for ours to arrive any day then.

He decides they both need new suits and something for Liv to wear. He’s also pondering about flowers and it sounds like orchids are a goer.

But while Robert is cracking on with wedding plans, Aaron is looking less than enthusiastic, especially when Robert wonders if they should have a big party, or something low key.

Could he be getting cold feet over tying the knot with the love of his life?

Robert pulls him up on his obvious lack of interest and Aaron explains that he thinks the timing is off.

“Well whatever we do we’re gonna have to do it low-key aren’t we?”

Robert is adamant the wedding will go ahead (Credit: ITV)

Robert looks at him questioningly and Aaron continues: “Rebecca’s gone.”

“No, she’s missing,” Robert corrects him.

“Mum and Paddy? They’re heartbroken,” Aaron continues, referring to the fact that Chas’ baby won’t survive once it’s born.

“So it’s all the more reason to crack on,” Robert reasons.

“Maybe we’re rushing into things with everything that’s going on,” Aaron wonders.

Robert isn’t impressed: “Look if you don’t want to marry me, just say!”

Robron Emmerdale wedding planning
Roberts cracks on with his list (Credit: ITV)

Aaron reassures him that he does but he’s concerned about the timing. “Chas and Paddy need this wedding,” Rob replies. “We all do. And Seb, he’s got no one now but us. We owe it to him and his mum – wherever she is. Look I want us to be official. We’re getting married Aaron. The sooner the better.”

We love it when he gets all masterful.

Robron fans have been eagerly waiting for the couple to tie the knot officially following on from their cute private vow recital last year.

Isobel Steele who plays Aaron’s sister Liv recently teased that fans won’t be disappointed with the wedding.

We’re just weeks away from the moment Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden get married (again) and, this time, the ceremony will be “cute” says Isobel, who plays Aaron’s sister Liv Flaherty.

Well anything will be better than their last wedding ceremony, which was raided by the police!

Giving fans a vital clue about the upcoming nuptials between soap couple Aaron and Robert, Isobel revealed that the cast have recently been shooting the big wedding scenes…

The wedding will be ‘cute’ apparently (Credit: ITV)

And she says there are some “cute” touches Robron fans will enjoy.

Talking to Inside Soap, she said: “We’ve recently been filming Aaron and Robert’s wedding, and I think the fans are going to be very pleased with the result.

“There are a few little details in the episode that I think they will enjoy, with some cute moments that they will pick up and get into. The big day has been so long-awaited, so I am sure that it isn’t going to disappoint.”

The ITV soap recently teased the big day with a picture of the order of the service, saying: “Welcome to The Wedding of Robert Jacob Sugden & Aaron Dingle.”

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Fans described the invite as “beautiful”, while another tweeted: “Harry and Meghan who? This has been the one we’ve been waiting for#RobronWedding.”

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Emmerdale continues Monday at 7pm on ITV

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