Lachlan White captured

Emmerdale SPOILER: Lachlan returns as Dingles at centre of brutal slaying

Evil Lachlan is darker than ever...

Evil Lachlan White is back – and his return can only mean trouble for Belle Dingle and the rest of Emmerdale village.

When sinister things start happening to Belle, it doesn’t take long for her to work out that her nasty ex must have something to do with it. But how is he managing to still terrify her from inside a jail?

Lachlan in jail
Last time we saw Lachlan he was in jail (Credit: ITV)

Belle is horrified when she gets a flower delivery, only to find they’re all dead.

Despite the Dingles poor attempts to reassure her that it must have been a misunderstanding, Belle knows that Lachlan must be behind the chilling message.

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Belle knows that Lachlan must be somehow up to his old tricks despite being locked up at Her Majesty’s pleasure but, when no one seems to believe her, she’s more determined than ever to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Belle was the only one who stuck by Lachlan to the bitter end… until his true colours were revealed (Credit: ITV)

It’s only when Lydia later gets a frantic call from Sam to come back home that people start to believe Belle.

Back at the Dingles’, Belle and Lydia are horrified to find Sam there, covered in blood, telling them that Gloria the pig has been brutally killed.

Belle is fuming that Lachlan’s continuing with his mind games and decides to go and see her evil ex to find out exactly what is going on.

Sam is horrified to find one of their pigs has been killed (Credit: ITV)

With Sam by her side, Belle goes to see her former boyfriend, but obviously controlling Lachlan doesn’t confess to the strange happenings, instead he just plays games and tells Belle how sorry he is for everything.

While thankfully Belle isn’t drawn in by Lachlan’s fake remorse, Sam falls for his sob story hook, line and sinker, coming home believing that the serial killer is a changed man.

Sam and Belle go and see Lachlan in prison (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans will know that Lachlan is responsible for the deaths of his mother, grandad and best friend. He also left his aunt brain damaged after keeping her held hostage for weeks. And it seems that it’s true that a leopard never changes its spots…

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Later Lachlan can be seen in prison taking out a forbidden mobile phone and making a call to a mystery person on the outside, telling them that they need to up the ante on their terror scheme.

But while he is plotting more trauma for Belle, just how far will be go to make her life a total misery?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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