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Tuesday 14th July 2020

Emmerdale SPOILER: Jamie’s secret family arrive

What will Kim say?

Jamie Tate's secret family are set to arrive in Emmerdale next week, but while he's thrilled to see them, the same can't be said for his jealous mum, Kim Tate. 

Emmerdale fans have known for a while that Jamie has been hiding something from everyone else in the village, and when we recently saw he had 12 missed calls on his phone, it was clear there was someone who was very determined to get hold of him.

Jamie recently had missed calls on his phone... (Credit: ITV)

As Kim desperately tries to build bridges with her estranged son, she isn't going to be happy when she discovers she has got competition next week, especially when her and Jamie's wife, Andrea, don't get off to the best start.

While Kim is out riding her horse in a country lane, she is annoyed when a car comes speeding past, causing her horse to bolt.

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In her usual Kim way, the Home Farm owner doesn't hold back as she lashes out at the driver of the car, but little does she know that's not the last time the pair will come face-to-face.

Jamie's thrilled to see his family, but the same can't be said for Kim (Credit: ITV)

Later Kim is floored to later realise that the woman driving the speeding car is Andrea, Jamie's secret wife. Also in the car is their daughter, Millie.

But as always with Kim, she immediately starts playing mind games with her new-found daughter-in-law, and is pleased when she catches Andrea off guard as she announces that Jamie has moved into Home Farm with her.

Andrea isn't happy to see her husband's mother has already got her claws into him, and decides to stick around.

Andrea doesn't look very impressed by Emmerdale so far... (Credit: ITV)

Jamie is thrilled to see his family, but it is clear that things are far from perfect in Jamie and Andrea's marriage.

However, when Andrea agrees to stay for one night in the village, the new vet is given hope that maybe he won't be caught in the middle between the two women in his life.

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But while Jamie is excited about seeing his family, Kim isn't happy that Andrea has arrived to potentially ruin her manipulation of Jamie.

Will the women in Jamie's life ever get along? (Credit: ITV)

Kim's determined not to let Andrea turn Jamie's head, but with these two strong women about to clash, it is clear there are some fireworks heading for Home Farm.

Will Kim ever get along with her daughter-in-law, or is this a new family war just waiting to happen?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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