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Friday 7th August 2020

Emmerdale SPOILER: Guilty Amy confesses everything?

The net is closing in on Amy and Kerry

Next week's Emmerdale sees the guilt becoming too much for Kerry and Amy Wyatt as the police investigate how the factory fire started.

With the burnt out remains of the factory being sifted through, Kerry and Amy are starting to feel the pressure... but at first it seems they might be off the hook when the finger of blame starts to point at Rishi.

Jai is convinced Rishi is to blame for the fire (Credit: ITV)

Convinced that Rishi set fire to the factory to pay off his huge loan to Kim Tate, Jai and Priya worry how they're going to get their family out of this horrific financial mess.

And while the Sharmas watch their livelihood go down the pan, Kerry and Amy are keeping quiet about their involvement.

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However, it seems their lies might start to catch up with them when the factory safe is opened and the charity money is found to be missing.

Struggling to cover her guilt over stealing the cash, not to mention inadvertently starting a fire that took a villager's life, Kerry starts to find it hard to hide her involvement and soon she is being carted off to the police station to be grilled.

Kerry is grilled by the police, but they soon find holes in her story (Credit: ITV)

As guilty Kerry tries to persuade the police she is innocent, she's caught out when DI Goldberg finds holes in her story, and soon her whole fabricated version of events starts to unravel around her.

Before Kerry knows what is happening, she is framing someone else in her desperation to cover her own tracks... but who has she just landed in trouble with the police?

Kerry is fuming when she catches Amy about to confess (Credit: ITV)

And it seems Kerry isn't the only one cracking under the pressure, because as she returns from the police station, she catches Amy on the verge of confessing everything to Nate!

But how much has she said? And will Nate guess what has been going on?

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It's a tense time for the mother and daughter duo as they remain desperate to conceal their guilt, and as Bernice and Nicola discuss the missing charity money, Kerry pipes up and announces she will be holding a fund-raising day to make up for the money that was stolen.

Guilty Kerry tells everyone that she will be holding a fund-raising event to make up for the cashing stolen (Credit: ITV)

But while Kerry thinks she is doing the right thing trying to make back the cash they secretly took, Amy is fuming that her mum is putting herself in the limelight instead of keeping a low profile.

Is Kerry setting herself up for a fall?

And will Amy be tempted to finish the confession she started to Nate?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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