Emmerdale SPOILER: Chas goes into labour

There are some tough times ahead for the landlady

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Ever since Chas Dingle received the devastating news that her unborn baby wouldn’t survive once she was born she’s been trying to provide happy memories of the daughter she’ll never see grow up.

Chas goes into labour at the stag party (Credit: ITV)

Chas and Paddy’s baby has a condition called bilateral renal agenesis which means her kidneys and lungs haven’t properly developed in the womb.

They were given the option to terminate the pregnancy but Chas wanted to keep her daughter for as long as possible and make as many happy memories before they faced the pain of losing her.

Sadly it looks like that time has now arrived as Chas goes into labour during Aaron’s stag party at the pub.

Even though Chas and Paddy have known this day would come, are they really ready to say goodbye to the baby they have named Grace and the devastating journey ahead?

Actress Lucy Pargeter recently spoke out about the future for Chas and Paddy.

Are the pair ready for the difficult journey ahead (Credit: ITV)

In quotes printed in The Sun, she explains that the couple have a rocky road ahead as they deal with the aftermath of their loss.

She also reveals that she’s broken down in tears reading the scripts for the emotional storyline…

Asked if fan favourite couple Paddy and Chas’ relationship will survive the ordeal, she replied: “I really hope they do.

“Hopefully they are going to do it, as we’re doing this storyline, which is two people going through the same experience but have different ways of getting through it.

“So not only have we got the next bit of storyline to do, we’ve also got the aftermath of what happens which I’m sure is going to be equally difficult.”

Are they ready for the hard journey ahead? (Credit: ITV)

Despite admitting that playing the traumatised mum has been “harrowing”, she insists she had no reservations about taking on the challenge.

She said: “It’s my job, I have to do what I’m gifted with, and it’s an amazing storyline.”

Lucy, who recently became a mum of twins via IVF, added: “I’ve just had the girls, it’s been 14 months now but because it’s been so recent the only thing it would do is help with the emotion.

“Reading the scripts has been hard, I’ve been crying a lot at home while reading the scripts.”

Understandably, Lucy has been nominated for best actress at this year’s Inside Soap Awards.

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