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Thursday 28th May 2020

Emmerdale SPOILER: Cain attacks Moira

Is this the end of their marriage?

Cain Dingle has been on a downward spiral ever since he 'killed' Joe Tate last year, and next week sees the moody mechanic hit rock bottom and take his anger out on Moira.

Despite the fact viewers know that Graham Foster is actually the one with Joe Tate's blood on his hands, Cain is set to finally tell Debbie that he killed her fiancé after the police reveal they've found a body that matches Joe's description.

The truth is out as Cain confesses to Debbie (Credit: ITV)

But while the body isn't Joe's, Cain can see the pain his daughter is in at not knowing what happened to him, and he ends up confessing everything - including the fact that Graham has known all along.

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Debbie is floored when she discovers that not only her dad killed the love of her life, but that Graham, who was supposed to love Joe like a son, was also part of the grisly deed.

Debbie confronts Graham about Joe's death (Credit: ITV)

As Cain tries to tell Debbie what really happened the day Joe met his maker, she doesn't want to hear another word and rushes out, leaving their father/daughter relationship in tatters.

However, the drama doesn't end there.

Cain's week continues to spiral when yet another run in with Debbie leads to her finding out that Moira knew about Joe's untimely demise as well.

Debbie is floored to realise Moira also knew the truth (Credit: ITV)

Heartbroken that Moira has been lying to her as well as Cain and Graham, Debbie can't take it any more and flees once again.

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But the enormity of what he has done all becomes too much for Cain and he lashes out, trashing the house and turning on Moira.

Cain sees red and trashed the house (Credit: ITV)

Fuming at the situation, Cain takes his anger out on his wife, flinging her against the fridge in a violent rage.

Will Moira ever forgive Cain for his violent outburst? (Credit: ITV)

But as a terrified Moira cowers at his actions, has Cain just lost both the women he loves the most in the world?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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