Emmerdale SPOILER: BIG development for Vanity

They finally cement their relationship. Yay!

It’s a huge week for fans of Vanity next week as the pair finally declare their love for each other.

Love is in the air. Don’t they look pretty? (Credit: ITV)

And let’s face it, Charity needs something good to happen in her life after the trauma of DI Bails’ trial and having to relive her rape horror in front of the judge and jury.

Charity’s still struggling to hold it all together as the week kicks off and finds herself hitting the bottle -heavily – as she tries to block everything out.

And she’s still trying to push everyone away as she rails against her family for not stepping in when she was kicked out on the streets by her dad as a teen.

Drunken Charity decides she’s going to find her dad for some answers and grabs Zak’s keys before stealing his van and swerving off into the night.

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Could they be ready to play happy families? (Credit: ITV)

The next thing she knows, she’s waking up in a field and a very irate farmer calls the police on her. Oh dear, Charity.

Luckily she’s let off with an unofficial warning and when she gets back home she tells the Dingles that she was looking for her dad.

Zak tells Chas that he knows where Obadiah is and – with Vanessa by her side – Charity sets off to confront her father.

But what will happen when she gets there?

Will she be pleased that she made contact? Will he be able to give her some answers?

Or will she regret letting him into her life?

Vanity are fan favourites (Credit: ITV)

Whatever happens, it leads Vanity to saying the ‘L’ word to each other. And that makes us happy.

Emma Atkins recently spoke out about rumours of Vanity tying the knot in the future – and it wasn’t great news, ngl.

Sadly, Emma revealed in a recent interview that Vanity fans will have to wait quite a while before any wedding between the pair.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the TV Choice Awards, she told us not to hold our breath for a wedding ceremony between Charity and Vanessa anytime soon.

In fact, it might be a “few years away”…

She said: “We’ve not been told about a wedding, and I imagine they would certainly string things out before they do something like that – it will be a few years down the line, maybe.”

She added: “That’s if we’re still there, if they still want us?

“But if something’s working – and it seems to be – and the viewers are saying how much they love it…”

If and when Charity does get married, it certainly won’t be the first time.

The feisty pub landlady has been married several times before…

Charity married the first of her three husbands in 2001 when she tied the knot with Chris Tate, but it was hardly a fairytale relationship.

he went on to marry Jai Sharma and Declan Macey, and her most significant long-term relationship was with Cain.

Charity has four children – Debbie, 29,  Ryan, 28,  Noah, 14 and three-year-old Moses.

So, to be honest, she probably hasn’t got a whole lot of time to organise a wedding as well!

It’s been a dramatic year for Charity, with her abuser DI Bails returning to the village and a secret son Ryan Stocks turning up.

Emma continued: “I’ve loved the fact that the stories have been interwoven and have gone on for quite a while,” she shared. “It’s been really interesting to have something of substance. A lot of my storylines are [usually] very short and sweet. I put a wig on, I rob cars.

“I’ve loved the story with Vanessa. I’ve loved doing something with a delicate subject matter, and I’ve put my heart and soul into it, and I feel like it’s been one of my best years.”

Wedding fans will have to hold out for the nuptials of Robert Sudden and Aaron Dingle which is just around the corner…

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