Emmerdale slammed over adoption plot as Amy tries to get son Kyle back

She gave up her parental rights but has now changed her mind and fans are furious

Emmerdale has been slammed over Amy Wyatt’s attempts to get her son Kyle back.

Amy gave Kyle up for adoption years ago after deciding she didn’t want to be a mother, leaving him with his adoptive parents.

Kyle has been living with his dad ever since his adoptive grandmother Joanie died (Credit: ITV)

But after they were killed, Kyle’s adoptive grandmother Joanie became his legal guardian.

Later she married Zak Dingle, Kyle’s biological grandfather, and when she died Kyle became Zak’s responsibility and he allowed Cain and Moira to raise him.

But after Cain was arrested for murder, Kyle’s maternal biological grandmother Kerry tracked down her missing daughter and launched a battle to get Kyle back.

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It has left fans furious as legally when Amy gave up her rights, she gave up all claims to Kyle and they are disgusted Kyle’s adoption has been forgotten.

One said: “For the sake of any adoptive parents watching the show, I hope the writers of the Kyle story are taking advice from social services/legal people on this.

“In real life, adopted children are not at the mercy of parents who abandoned them, then decide to claim them back when it suits them.

Amy returned to the village this week to reclaim her son (Credit: ITV)

“Kerry abandoned Amy when she needed looking after as a child, but, now that she is adult and can look after herself, she wants a mother-daughter relationship with her, so she is the last person who should have care of Kyle.”

A second said: “Kyle was put up for adoption, and was adopted by Joanie. Kerry and Amy have as much ‘right’ to that child as I do – nothing, zilch, nada. He is not theirs any more.

“For further clarification look at Corrie and Seb re the twins. They are being adopted, he has no rights to even see them any more, hence his hissy fits with his mother.

Cain has been in a battle with Kerry over Kyle (Credit: ITV)

“If Emmerdale screw up the legalities of this one, they should be ripped a new one by every viewer.

“Cain only has access to him because his father has the only control on the child – if his father wanted Kyle up in Scotland, he could have him instantly.”

A third said: “Amy’s legal rights in respect of Kyle were extinguished by the adoption order.

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“Grandparents have no legal rights in any case, unless specifically granted by court order.”

It seems pretty set that Kyle shouldn’t be allowed near Kerry again.

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