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Emmerdale: Seven BIG questions about Joe Tate’s return from the dead

There are so many questions!

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Last night Emmerdale fans had their prayers answered when fan favourite Joe Tate was revealed to be alive after months of wondering what really happened to the bogus businessman.

Although Joe was proved to be alive, there are still so many questions. Here are seven that we need addressing right now!

1. Will Joe Tate physically be returning to the village?

Joe was last seen on screen last year in October (Credit: ITV)

Viewers have questioned if Joe will actually be returning to the show.

Last night only proved that he was alive but there has not been confirmation of an actual return.

2. If he returns, will Ned Porteous be playing Joe?

Emmerdale Ned Porteous
Ned left the soap after Joe was ‘killed’ (Credit: Twitter @emmerdale)

Ned played Joe but after his character was seemingly killed off in October, the actor posted a farewell message to the soap on social media and moved out to find work in America.

This has left fans questioning if the actor will return to reprise his role or if a new actor would take over.

3. Will his ‘return from the dead’ feed into Debbie Dingle’s exit?

Joe disappeared the day of their wedding (Credit: ITV)

Actress Charley Webb who plays Joe’s fiancee Debbie recently announced she was expecting baby number three with husband Matthew Wolfenden.

The actress will be heading on maternity leave and viewers have been questioning whether Joe being alive will have anything to do with her exit.

Will Debbie find out the truth about Joe or will she be kept in the dark?

4. Where has he been moved to?

Joe was caught on CCTV in Monte Carlo (Credit: ITV)

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Kim believed she had the upper-hand in last night’s episode revealing she knew Joe was in Monte Carlo and knew his hotel room number. But she was soon knocked back when Graham told her he moved Joe on saying: “Do you honestly think I would put Joe into harm’s way again?”

Where has Graham sent him?

5. Will Kim try to kill him again?

Emmerdale SPOILER: Kim Tate discovers the truth about Joe tonight
Kim knows Joe is alive (Credit: ITV)

Fans know that Kim was the one who originally ordered Graham to kill Joe when she briefly returned in October.

Although Graham couldn’t bring himself to do it and told Joe to leave the village, his plan was soon stopped when Cain Dingle came along and punched him for leaving his daughter on her wedding day.

As Joe fell down he hit his head on a rock and Cain was left believing he killed him.

However, Joe’s hand was seen twitching and Graham put the body into the boot of his car leaving viewers to believe he was killed by Graham.

In last night’s episode Kim referred to Joe as “the boy who won’t die”. Now she knows he’s alive will she send someone out to do what Graham couldn’t? We wouldn’t put it past her.

6. Why did Graham relapse?

Graham began drinking again (Credit: ITV)

After Graham was seen leaving Hotten Viaduct sobbing he fell off the wagon.

Viewers saw Graham becoming very intoxicated and clearly unable to control his emotions.

Why was he so upset if Joe was alive? Did he relapse because of Joe simply leaving?

7. Will Cain find out that Joe’s alive?

Cain thinks he killed Joe (Credit: ITV)

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For the past five months Cain believed he killed Joe. Graham sat back letting Cain believe he killed his future son-in law and the mechanic has been left flooded with guilt ever since.

Things only got worse when Debbie was told the truth and she told Kerry not to allow Kyle to see his dad.

Will Cain find out the truth and how will he react if he does?

Emmerdale continues tonight with an hour-long special at 7pm.

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