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Emmerdale: Samantha Giles calls for Meena serial killer plot to come to an end

Samantha has said what she thinks about the plot

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Emmerdale actress Samantha Giles, who plays Bernice Blackstock in the soap, has called for Meena‘s serial killer plot to come to an end.

Last year, Samantha returned to the show after two years away.

Recently Samantha appeared on the Wonderbirds YouTube channel and was asked if she could tell any details about any storylines she’s working on.

She said: “I haven’t got any at the minute. No I’m kind of thinking ‘I hope they give me something to do’ because obviously they wanted me to go back and I’m very very quiet right now, so you’ve got to have something to do anyway.”

Emmerdale: Samantha Giles calls for Meena plot to end

Emmerdale 15 Feb Meena shoots a gun at Dawn and Billy
Meena has killed four people (Credit: ITV)

She has also revealed she’s hoping serial killer Meena’s storyline would come to an end soon.

Samantha was asked: “Please tell me that’s going to end soon,” referring to Meena’s plot.

Samantha replied: “I think it is. It’s terrible. I’m in the show and I don’t really ever watch it which is awful.

Samantha has played Bernice in Emmerdale on and off since 1998 (Credit: ITV)

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“You know what it’s like, it’s that time where you’re either putting the kids to bed or you’re getting dinner or whatever, but I know that it’s very close to coming to a head.”

She added: “And I think it’s timely. Lots of people have said that they’ve enjoyed it, but you know, come on, it’s time for it to [end].”

What’s next for Meena in Emmerdale?

In next week’s scenes, after a visit from Manpreet, Meena appears to agree to confess to her crimes.

However she lies to police informing them that Manpreet was the one who killed Andrea.

Emmerdale Meena and Manpreet in the prison visiting room as tensions are running high
Meena wants to bring Manpreet down (Credit: ITV)

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Meena wants to take Manpreet down with her, but will she be successful?

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