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Emmerdale’s Ryan Hawley drops big clue about Rebecca’s fate

Will she be killed off?

Emmerdale fans have watched in horror as Rebecca White’s life has hung in the balance, ever since her deranged nephew Lachlan took her hostage.

Even before that, the twisted teen was responsible for killing her half-sister Chrissie and dad Lawrence, and leaving Rebecca with serious brain injuries.

Poor Rebecca is unable to look after her own son Seth after the accident, which left her with post-traumatic amnesia.

Rebecca has been dragged to hell and back (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers saw Rebecca join Lachlan’s string of victims as he took her hostage and chained her up in a remote cabin – thankfully reluctant to murder his only living adult relative.

But instead of killing her, Rebecca was recently revealed to be in an institution where she is being ‘looked after’ by a needle-wielding nurse.


Needles or Lachlan? Which horror is worse? (Credit: ITV)

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Lachlan, now banged up in jail, has been refusing to tell anybody the whereabouts of his aunt – instead using it for leverage in his sick game.

Ryan Hawley, who portrays the father of Rebecca’s son Robert Sugden, has revealed that his character will finally accept that Rebecca is dead next week.

After weeks of refusing to believe she’d been killed, he goes to visit Lachlan in jail demanding answers – and the serial killer admits he didn’t murder her!

Robert goes to visit Lachlan in jail (Credit: ITV)

Following a tip-off from Lachlan, Robert bolts to the room where Rebecca was being kept – only to find it empty with blood-stained sheets.

Fearing the worst after this sinister discovery, Robert finally loses hope for Rebecca and accepts that she’s dead.

Ryan told Digital Spy: “Robert gets there as quick as he can when Lachlan gives him the address. He forces his way inside and it’s a very strange set-up.

“There are signs of a struggle, there’s blood and Rebecca is not there. Robert feels awful and he calls the police straight away.”

Rebecca White Emmerdale
Has Rebecca been killed? (Credit: ITV)

He adds: “Robert is in a state of shock over what he’s looking at. In that moment, he thinks Rebecca is dead. He thinks that he’s got there too late, or Lachlan has toyed with him by sending him there.”

Fans are also left in the dark, as the last they saw of the nurse is when she heard on the news that Lachlan had been caught, leading her to approach Rebecca menacingly with a syringe.

Will Rebecca ever see the light of day again?

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