Emmerdale fans convinced Rebecca White’s body is in a suitcase

Lachlan suffocated Bex the night before and fans think she's been murdered

Emmerdale fans have been left wondering if Lachlan White stuffed Rebecca’s body into a suitcase last night.

The evil teenager suffocated his aunt after she tried to escape his locking her in the remote cabin in the woods.

Emmerdale's Rebecca White stuffed in a suitcase
Fans think Lachlan stuffed Rebecca into this suitcase after murdering her (Credit: ITV)

There was no sign of the millionaire heiress in last night’s episodes until the very end when fans spotted something intriguing.

As Lachlan left the cabin, it became clear that Rebecca had been leaving herself messages to help with her memory problems.

One read simply: “Lachlan is a killer.”

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However, it was what was in front of the message that had fans worried – a large suitcase.

Viewers have become convinced that this is where Lachlan has left Rebecca’s body ready for him to dispose of it.

One wrote: “I really doubt Rebecca is still alive in that suitcase.

Emmerdale's Rebecca White stuffed in a suitcase
Bex was terrified as Lachlan suffocated her (Credit: ITV)

“Unless of course Lachlan is thinking of using her as a ventriloquist’s dummy. #Emmerdale”


A third said: “Please say Rebecca’s body ain’t cut up and in that suitcase??? #Emmerdale”

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Another added: “Who would have thought that Rebecca would had fit in a suitcase and still shut it…that’s if she is in it.”

However, others were convinced that Lachlan’s mistake was leaving the message for anyone to find.

One wrote: “Rebecca carved ‘Lachlan Is A Killer’ into the wood, who will see it?? #Emmerdale”

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