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Emmerdale: Priya Sharma will expose Meena after she catches her ‘preparing to kill’, say fans

Meena is back

Emmerdale fans believe Priya will be the one to expose Meena after catching her ‘preparing to kill.’

Recently David was shot in the The Hide protecting Victoria from Russ. While he is out of hospital, it’s clear he’s stall in a lot of pain.

Earlier this week David over exerted himself in the shop leaving his son Jacob and ex-girlfriend, Priya, worried.

Priya offered to move in with David and Jacob to try and help out.

Emmerdale: Priya moved in with David

Priya moved in with David to help him recover while Meena was away (Credit: ITV)

In last night’s scenes (Tuesday, October 5) Meena returned to the village after spending a few weeks in Ibiza.

However she was shocked to see bags on David’s front door. Spotting a chef’s hat, she assumed it was Victoria’s and took her new scarf off.

She grabbed it in her hands and looked like she was prepared to strangle Victoria with it.

However she was shocked when Priya emerged from the house. Priya was on the phone, but looked concerned spotting the scarf in Meena’s hands.

Meena was prepared to strangle Victoria (Credit: ITV)

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She complimented Meena’s new scarf and laughed nervously as she said: “You looked like you were about to strangle me with it.”

Meena laughed, telling her it was a game her and David play and she was going to “capture” him.

Fans are now convinced Priya will be the one to expose Meena.

Emmerdale: Victoria in danger from Meena?

Soon Priya told Meena that David was at the Hide and she went up there to go see him.

Meanwhile at he Hide, Carl fired a cap gun at David throwing him into a terrible flashback. Worried, Victoria took him into the office to try and help him.

Soon Meena arrived and she was clearly unhappy to see her boyfriend and Victoria together.

Is Vic in danger? (Credit: ITV)

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Later Victoria stopped by David’s house again to check on him, but Meena wouldn’t let her.

She then strangled the neck of a stuffed flamingo as she watched Vic walk away.

Is Victoria in danger?

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