Emmerdale's Leyla has a disdainful look

Emmerdale fans all have the same prediction about Leyla after Liam asks if she’s pregnant

She got what she wanted from Suzy

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Emmerdale viewers all had the same prediction about Leyla last night after Liam asked if she was pregnant.

Thursday’s (June 23) episode of the ITV soap showed Leyla continue with her blackmail of Suzy for her dealer’s number.

Wedding planner Leyla had accused Suzy of having an indirect hand in Holly’s overdose death.

But after viewers saw Suzy taunt Leyla over her ‘supply issues’, she eventually relented, ensuring Leyla got her way.

Emmerdale's Leyla cocks her head
Emmerdale’s Leyla got what she wanted as she confronted Suzy during Thursday’s episode (Credit: ITV Hub)

Emmerdale: Leyla’s dependence spirals

“Do you want me to come round to Vanessa’s later when you’re having your tea with Johnny and ask for it then?” Leyla threatened Suzy after demanding her dealer’s contact details.

“You really are pathetic. Do you know that?” a disgusted Suzy blasted Leyla before complying. Suzy also declared she was cutting all ties with Leyla.

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But later scenes saw Dr Liam ponder a different reason why his wife’s moods have recently been a little unpredictable. Could she be pregnant?

While fans know the real reason for her erratic behaviour is due to her cocaine use, many also had an additional prediction for what may be coming up for Leyla…

Dr Liam appeared to get things wrong about Leyla’s mood swing… but viewers believe he may actually be correct (Credit: ITV)

Is Leyla pregnant in Emmerdale?

Plenty of viewers reckon so. Dr Liam appears to have got it wrong about Leyla’s condition.

But what if he is right – and Leyla is becoming increasingly dependent on cocaine and is also expecting?

Leyla is gonna be pregnant, just watch.

“Leyla is gonna be pregnant, just watch #Emmerdale,” one viewer predicted on Twitter towards the end of last night’s instalment.

Emmerdale’s Leyla was also trying to get what she wanted from Suzy during Wednesday’s episode (Credit: ITV)

“Watch Leyla be pregnant after all #Emmerdale,” echoed another, adding a laughing emoji to their post.

Another fan wondered about the implications of Leyla’s drug use.

“What if Leyla is pregnant and she’s been shovelling Colombia’s finest up her nostrils for months? #Emmerdale,” they tweeted.

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However, others ridiculed Dr Liam for not picking up on what Leyla has been up to.

“Liam is a [blank] doctor isn’t he, if he can’t come up with obvious reasons to Leyla’s behaviour #Emmerdale,” one observer claimed.

And another complained: “FFS Leyla’s been taking drugs for weeks and Liam can’t tell? Seriously? Some doctor he is! I can’t believe the daft [bleep] thinks Leyla’s pregnant #Emmerdale.”

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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