Emmerdale: Paul gets revenge on Lydia from beyond the grave, leaving fans enraged

Lydia warned Mandy about Paul

Emmerdale character Paul got his revenge on Lydia Dingle from beyond the grave in last night’s episodes (Thursday, April 8).

Over the last few weeks, Paul and Mandy had been planning their wedding.

However Lydia was worried that Paul, who had broken Mandy’s trust previously by gambling again,  hadn’t changed and Mandy would end up getting hurt if she married him.

Paul died last week (Credit: ITV)

Paul issued a threat to Lydia when he realised she was suspicious of him.

However last week, Paul was killed when Jimmy ended up driving his truck into Mandy and Paul’s wedding barn.

After Paul’s death, Mandy learnt Paul had been beating up their son Vinny and refused to have anything to do with his funeral.

Vinny has been planning his dad’s funeral by himself, refusing to admit that Paul abused him.

Emmerdale: Paul gets revenge on Lydia from beyond the grave

In last night’s episodes, Lydia decided she wanted to help Vinny by paying towards the funeral.

In order to help, she went to the bank to get a loan. But she later returned to Wishing Well Cottage in tears saying she was refused a loan due to credit card debt.

Lydia was left in tears after discovering Paul had left her in debt (Credit: ITV)

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Just when you thought Paul couldn’t be any worse.

Lydia revealed to Sam that someone had taken out a credit card in her name and spent five grand. Immediately they realised the only person who would have done that would’ve been Paul.

Worried about the money, Lydia broke down in tears and fans were enraged at what Paul had done.

What’s next for Lydia?

In next week’s scenes Faith approaches Lydia with some news.

She gives Lydia £1000 and tells her that she sold the hearse. But what is she up to?

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Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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