Emmerdale: Paul Ashdale funeral blunder baffles fans

The Dingles' were unable to help out with the funeral costs

Emmerdale fans were left confused as Vinny Dingle splashed out an expensive funeral for his dad Paul, despite the Dingles’ huge debts.

A couple of weeks ago, Paul died in the wedding barn explosion. Although Mandy was devastated by his death, she soon learnt he had been beating their son.

Paul died a few weeks ago (Credit: ITV)

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She refused to pay for his funeral, however Vinny was adamant that his dad never hurt him and he would do his funeral for him.

Although Sam and Lydia tried help pay for the funeral, they discovered Paul had taken a credit card out in Lydia’s name and left her in debt.

In last night’s episodes (Thursday, April 16) it was the day of Paul’s funeral. A hearse took Paul’s coffin to the church for the service, which was only attended by Vinny.

Vinny organised the funeral for Paul (Credit: ITV)

Later, Vinny went to the graveyard for his burial and soon the rest of the Dingle family showed up to support him.

However fans were left questioning how the Dingle family were able to pay for the funeral, as they’re in debt.

Emmerdale Paul: Mandy tries to get money to pay for the funeral

In next week’s scenes Lydia and Sam talk to the bank about Paul’s credit card fraud, but it doesn’t go well.

Meanwhile, Mandy asks Charity for a loan to pay for Paul’s funeral. But Charity plays hardball and instead offers to buy the salon off her.

Later Vinny finds a notebook with all of Paul’s betting wins and losses. There are also future tips in the notebook, which give Vinny an idea.

Mandy tries to help Vinny pay off the funeral (Credit: ITV)

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Soon he secretly visits a betting site, but Mandy is horrified when she later finds Vinny watching the end of a race.

His bet was a winner but Mandy worries he’s going to end up like his dad.

Desperate to take the financial pressure off Vinny’s shoulders, she does a deal with Mack.

Mandy and Mack meet with Kev and soon Mandy’s actions leave them both in danger.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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