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Emmerdale: Disturbing reason why Meena decided not to kill little Theo revealed

Meena didn't hurt the toddler after she kidnapped him

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Emmerdale star Paige Sandhu has revealed the reason why her character Meena didn’t kill baby Theo.

In episodes last week Meena offered to look after Theo. However when Victoria saw David’s son was upset, she offered to have him.

Furious and jealous of David‘s friendship with Vic, Meena decided to break into Victoria’s house and take Theo, making it look as if Victoria had lost him.

Meena took Theo (Credit: ITV)

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As Victoria, David and Manpreet began looking for the toddler, Manpreet called Meena to help with the search.

Later Meena returned to village, claiming she found Theo on the footbridge.

Emmerdale: Paige Sandhu explains why Meena won’t kill Theo

While viewers were left wondering if Meena would go as far to kill Theo, actress Paige has explained why Meena didn’t kill him.

Speaking to Entertainment Daily and other media, Paige said: “I definitely think she would kill a child, she has no empathy at all, she doesn’t care. She literally cannot empathise.

Paige Sandhu revealed why Meena didn’t kill Theo (Credit: ITV)

“The way that I played that scene was I believe Meena deliberated between just kidnapping Theo or killing him and making it look like an accident, because the benefit of that for her would be that David would never ever be able to forgive Victoria, that means that she would be out of his life.

Meena killed teenager Leanna last month (Credit: ITV)

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“But I believe the reason that she didn’t go there is that David would be grieving and that would be really boring and annoying and I’d have to look like I care and so that isn’t that great for me so maybe the best thing is just to kidnap him and bring him back so I can look like the hero.”

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