Emmerdale ‘paedophile’ Cain Dingle needs locking up, fans rage

Forgotten storyline has resurfaced

Emmerdale character Cain Dingle  should go to prison for historic sex offences, fans insist.

The village badboy has always been a criminal in the soap but fans watching Classic Emmerdale on ITV3 have been reminded just how awful he used to be.

Emmerdale bosses should axe Cain for what he did (Credit: ITV)
Emmerdale fan want Cain in prison for what he did to Ollie (Credit: ITV)

In a shocking storyline from 2001, Cain was seen grooming and abusing a 15-year-old girl.

He seduced underage Ollie as part of a vile revenge plot against her mother.

The sick scenes saw Cain try to arrange for the mother to catch him with her daughter because she ended their affair.

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But in scenes aired last week, Cain’s plan went wrong.

Instead of being caught by Angie, he was caught by her dad Len.

A scuffle happened and Cain pushed Len over a balcony – leaving him for dead with traumatised Ollie with him.

Emmerdale fans demand Cain Dingle go to prison

In the decades since this happened Cain has never paid for his crime.

And soap fans are demanding justice for Ollie.

One said: “By rights his character should be on the sex offenders register for going with underage girls.

“Maybe he should be sent to prison if Ollie came back & reported him?”

Emmerdale character Cain Dingle as a superhero
Cain Dingle has had quite the turnaround in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

A second said: “I just realised something back in the old days of Emmerdale why didn’t Cain Dingle get arrested because he groomed Ollie at the age of 15, she was only a little girl?”

A third said: “Watching the classic shows and was shocked to see 25 yr old Cain grooming then sleeping with 15 yr old Ollie Reynolds.

“Sadly it seems justice in Emmerdale was lacking even then.”

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A fourth said: “Watching classic Emmerdale with Ollie Reynolds and Cain.

“She’s 15, he’s 25 & he’s bloody grooming her. He’s is then caught in bed with her.

|Maybe they could bring historical charges against him.”

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