Emmerdale Chas is vile opinion piece

Emmerdale OPINION: ‘Chas Dingle isn’t the beating heart of the village, she’s vile’

She has shown her true colours this week after attacking Liv Flaherty

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Chas Dingle in Emmerdale has been the beating heart of the village for many years. But not any more. Not after last night’s attack on fragile Liv Flaherty.

In actual fact, despite all Chas has been through, it seems she has shown her true colours at last: she is a nasty piece of work.

Make no mistake: I am not vilifying Chas for being a strong woman, Soapland is made for those and I love them.

But this has gone beyond her being strong and leading her family, this is now little more than aggressive bullying of someone clearly very vulnerable.

Emmerdale Chas holds a Dingle Court and makes her feelings on Liv very clear
Chas is a bully (Credit: ITV)

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Who is Chas Dingle in Emmerdale?

Chas arrived in Emmerdale in 2002 dressed as a nun to be the stripper for her cousin Marlon‘s stag do.

She had been married and had a son, Aaron, who she left to live with his father. She quickly took up with Carl King, but was heartbroken to discover he was cheating on her.

However, while most heartbroken woman eat ice cream and sob into a glass of chardonnay, Chas went through with the wedding planning, stealing all of Carl’s cash before jilting him at the altar.

Maybe revenge was sweet and maybe he deserved some payback, but I think Chas’s vicious streak certainly came out for all to see then, didn’t it?

She also went on to have an affair with niece Debbie Dingle’s boyfriend, Cameron Murray.

Chas even married Dan Spencer to hide her relationship with Cameron. Are either of these things the actions of a nice person? Should she maybe take a look at her own history before judging Liv so harshly?

Chas seems to have very little respect for Paddy (Credit: ITV)

Chas charged with murder

Chas suffered horribly when Carl attempted to rape her and she hit him over the head with a brick to get away. Carl later died and although viewers knew it was actually Cameron who came to finish off the job, Chas stood trial for murder.

She was found not guilty and returned to the village to take up with Cameron: right in front of heartbroken Debbie’s face. I don’t think that’s a particularly nice thing to do, is it?

Chas has been guilty of so much more too: she stabbed Diane while suffering from PTSD after finding out Cameron was a serial killer.

And more recently she kidnapped Kim’s horse in order to blackmail her.

In all of these stories she’s always the wronged party seeking justice in some way other than the law. But what sort of mind, wronged or otherwise, comes up with such schemes? Or has the brass neck to go through with them? I’ll tell you: someone who’s not actually that nice.

She constantly talks down to Paddy, seems to have very little respect for him, and lords around the Woolpack like she’s better than everyone else.

First she lashed out at Cain for driving Aaron away, then turned her anger on Liv. It wasn’t fair and it certainly wasn’t nice.

Emmerdale Cain and Chas insist the Dingles disown Liv at the Dingle meeting
Cain and Chas seem to have forgotten their own misdeeds (Credit: ITV)

Chas needs to take a look at herself

Chas is hardly whiter than white. Nor, in fact, are any of the Dingles. So why she thinks she has the right to lash out quite so harshly at Liv is beyond me.

Sure, Chas is upset Aaron has left town. But he hasn’t gone to the moon. He hasn’t died. He’s just gone away to clear his head. He even asked his mum to look out for Liv for him.

But what’s the first thing she did after he left? Told Liv she was dead to her and LIED that Aaron hated her.

Poor Liv was totally distraught, but there wasn’t even a flicker of regret or remorse from Chas, who promptly informed the Dingles they all had to disown Liv too. They all followed like pathetic sheep as nasty Chas gave them no option.

Her behaviour last night was unforgivable. Liv deserves so much better. Even if she had killed Ben in a drunken state, who is Chas to judge after all she and her family have done? They are a bunch of hypocrites.

Chas is not the beating heart of Emmerdale any more, in fact, she possibly never was. She’s nothing more than a nasty person who deserves a taste of her own medicine. Sooner rather than later.

I, for one, can’t wait to see her face and listen to her groveling when Meena’s guilt is revealed and Liv is released. And I really hope Liv doesn’t forgive and forget.

Emmerdale Liv is distraught after she is abandoned by Aaron and Chas in prison
Liv has been left with no one (Credit: ITV)

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Even Emmerdale fans have turned on Chas

It’s not just me: viewers have now turned against Chas too.

After her vicious outburst at Liv many were left fearing Liv would contemplate suicide.

A huge majority have had an about turn and found themselves now siding with Al Chapman over the Woolpack dispute and are hoping he will bring Chas down.

One wrote on Twitter: “And this is why I’ve never liked Chas.. she’s always been a self-pitying, sanctimonious, overbearing harridan.”

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