Emmerdale: Moira’s mum still alive, fans claim

Mack told Moira their mum had died

Emmerdale fans believe Moira’s mum is still alive after Mackenzie dropped a hint in last night’s episode (Thursday, March 4).

Last year, Moira’s brother Mackenzie arrived in the village and told Moira that their mum had died. Moira felt terrible as she hadn’t seen her mother since she was a teenager.

Moira learnt her mum died (Credit: ITV)

In last night’s episode, Moira met Nate and Tracy’s daughter Frankie. However she became emotional as it reminded her she never sorted things out with her mum before her death.

She revealed she felt bad hat her youngest son Isaac never got to meet his nan.

However later when Mack was alone in the pub, Faith noticed something was off with him and asked what his game was.

He responded saying: “Me? I’m just the lovable rogue.”

Soon Faith told Mack that she was back in the village to build bridges.

Is Mack hiding something? (Credit: ITV)

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When talking about what happened with Nate and Cain, Faith said: “You see, the thing about secrets is no matter how careful you are, they always have this way of bursting out of you just when you least expect it.

She asked Mack once again if he was okay, insisting she was a good listener.

But he responded saying: “Tell it to someone who cares.”

Fans are convinced that Mack lied to Moira about their mum being dead.

Emmerdale: What happened between Moira and her family?

Moira is Mackenzie’s older sister and when they were kids they lived with their mum and dad. However their dad would regularly be violent to their mum.

Moira’s father found out his wife was having an affair with his best friend Tony and confronted her over dinner.

Moira left home when she was a teenager (Credit: ITV)

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Fearing he would kill her mum, teenage Moira took the blame and said she was the one sleeping with Tony.

She was shunned from her family and soon went on to meet her first husband John Barton.

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