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Emmerdale: Meena’s trial has a huge plot hole, say fans

Meena's trial began last night

Emmerdale fans have pointed out a huge plot hole as Meena‘s trial started in last night’s episode (Monday, April 11 2022).

However fans were quick to notice a plot hole as Emmerdale villagers went to court and the trial began.

Meena’s trial has started (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Meena’s trial has a huge plot hole, say fans

Viewers know Meena is currently on trial for the murders of Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate and Ben Tucker.

In last night’s scenes, Liam, Carol, Charles and Leyla went to court to see the beginning of Meena’s trial.

Liam took to the stand to testify against Meena.

Liam testified against Meena (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile David Metcalfe, Victoria Sugden, Billy Fletcher and Dawn Taylor were all in the Hide being served by Liv Flaherty.

David, Victoria, Billy and Dawn explained they didn’t want to go to court.

However fans were questioning why David, Victoria, Billy, Dawn, Liv and Vinny weren’t in court or being called as witnesses, considering Meena’s crimes greatly affected all of them.

On Entertainment Daily‘s Facebook page, fans also wondered why many of Meena’s victims weren’t called as witnesses.

One wrote: “Where is Vinny? He would’ve been called to give evidence. Nobody seems to have mentioned it or the video of her trying to kill Victoria.”

A second said: “It wouldn’t happen. Where is Vinny’s evidence and the rest of them. It’s rubbish.”

Meena kidnapped Vinny and tried to kill him and Manpreet (Credit: ITV)

What did Meena do to Vinny, Liv, Billy, Dawn, Victoria and David?

Meena has committed numerous crimes during her time in the village.

Last year, while in a relationship with Meena, David planned to break up with her as he had fallen for Victoria.

When Meena found out, she attempted to drown Vic, who was unconscious at the bottom of a waterfall.

Meena allowed Liv to go to prison for Ben Tucker’s murder and kidnapped her husband Vinny after he discovered Meena kidnapped her sister Manpreet.

Meena then kidnapped Billy and Dawn on their wedding day and tried to get Billy to choose who died.

They both survived but witnessed her shoot Leyla Harding.

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Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

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