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Emmerdale: Meena will kill Andrea next week, fans predict

Andrea is dating Charles

Emmerdale fans are predicting that Meena will murder Andrea Tate next week.

Meena has already taken the lives of Nadine Butler and Leanna Cavanagh, and next week she prepares to kill again.

In last night’s episodes (Thursday, October 14) Meena’s sister Manpreet told her husband Rishi that she no longer had feelings for him.

Rishi was left devastated as Manpreet ended things. He soon blamed her ex Charles for stealing her away.

However Charles was confused, as he is currently in a relationship with Andrea Tate.

Meena encouraged Manpreet to go after Charles, but she refused (Credit: ITV)

Later Meena and Manpreet went for a talk and Meena encouraged her sister to go after Charles, even though he has a girlfriend.

Meena said Andrea was nothing, but Manpreet refused to try and break them apart.

Emmerdale Andrea Tate
Andrea is going out with Charles. However fans think Meena will try to kill her (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale fans predict Meena will kill Andrea

Now Emmerdale fans are convinced that Meena will end up killing Andrea next week to get her out of the way for Manpreet.

What’s happening in next week’s Emmerdale?

In next week’s scenes the survival challenge begins with cries of enthusiasm.

Meena will ‘remove’ Andrea from the situation.

Taking part in the challenge is Meena, David, Victoria, Manpreet, Andrea, Charles, Charity and Mackenzie.

emmerdale super soap week
Will everyone survive? (Credit: ITV)

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As the survivalists jump into the rafts and set off down the river, Billy and Ben try to rally their respective team members.

All seems to be going well, but the day soon takes a horrible turn and many are left fighting for their lives in the menacing waters.

With Meena on a mission to kill and the elements set against them, the events turn into a race to survive.

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