Emmerdale fans disturbed as Maya grooms Jacob with 'secret kiss'

Emmerdale’s Maya in sick new plan to abuse Jacob under David’s nose

David won't be able to forgive himself when he discovers what has gone on

Maya Stepney is going to hatch a sick new plan to continue abusing Jacob Gallagher in Emmerdale.

The teacher has been grooming underage student Jacob for months under his dad David Metcalfe’s nose.

Emmerdale's Maya in sick new plan to abuse Jacob in front of his dad David
Maya has a new sick scheme to get to Jacob (Credit: ITV)

It has now been revealed Maya will step up her abusive actions in a disturbing new development.

While living with David and Jacob, Maya hasn’t been able to find time to be alone with Jacob to continue her vile actions, but she has now found a way around it.

Viewers will watch in horror as Maya offers to tutor Jacob privately to help him with his schoolwork.

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Groomed Jacob will jump at the opportunity, thinking it is the perfect chance for him and Maya to grow closer.

She will even convince David how it is a great idea and will let her and Jacob bond.

Maya has kept Jacob close to her over the last couple of months.

Emmerdale's Maya in sick new plan to abuse Jacob in front of his dad David
David will be devastated when he realises what has gone on (Credit: ITV)

She has showered him with secret kisses and evil manipulations to convince him they should be together all while staying with his dad David.

But while Jacob has been manipulated into thinking she is in love with him, Maya has shown her nasty side by turning on him in an effort to put David off the scent.

When she discovered he had told Ellis about his “older woman” she hit the roof and knocked him down several pegs to show her power over him.

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Confused Jacob has tried to distract himself from the torrid affair by sleeping with Gabby Thomas to lose his virginity.

He thought it would prove to Maya how adult he is, but instead he ended up hiding in a room while she slept with his dad just yards away, forcing him to listen to them.

The show has worked with charities and survivors of this kind of abuse to get the storyline right.

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