Emmerdale: Manpreet is Ethan’s biological mother, fans predict

Ethan's mum left when he was young

Emmerdale fans are predicting Manpreet Sharma is Ethan Anderson’s biological mother.

Recently Ethan has been on a mission to find his biological mum, who left when he was four years old.

He asked Manpreet for his help, however Manpreet’s sister Meena was the one who managed to track down a number for Ethan’s mum.

Earlier this week he arranged to meet his mum in person and asked Manpreet to go with him.

Manpreet has been supporting Ethan whilst he looks for his um (Credit: ITV)

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But he was upset when she didn’t turn up. It was soon revealed that Ethan hadn’t been speaking to his mum and it was actually Meena who had been sending the messages.

However fans are starting to wonder if Manpreet could be Ethan’s biological mother.

Emmerdale: Manpreet and Charles’s past

Earlier this year it was revealed that Manpreet and Charles were in a relationship 15 years ago.

Charles knew Manpreet as Saira and they were dating for two years.

However what Charles didn’t know was Manpreet was married to a man named Dennis and they had a daughter named Aiesha.

Charles and Manpreet had a relationship 15 years ago (Credit: ITV)

Charles and Manpreet were due to get married, however she never turned up on their wedding day.

For years Charles wondered what happened to her and feared she had died.

However when he came to the village earlier this year, he ended up running into Manpreet and she told him the truth.

Will Ethan find his mum? (Credit: ITV)

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Over the last few weeks, Manpreet has realised she still has feeling for Charles, despite agreeing to have another wedding celebration with husband Rishi.

Fans have also come up with a theory that Charles killed Ethan’s mum.

Others have also come up with the theory that Ethan’s mum could be a character that viewers already know.

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