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Emmerdale: Malone’s body will be discovered this week, fans predict

Malone died last year

Emmerdale fans predict that DI Malone’s body will be discovered this week as the survival challenge takes place at the HOP.

Last year, Will Taylor buried Malone‘s body on the grounds of Home Farm.

However recently Priya and Ellis have planned the HOP survival challenge on the grounds of Home Farm.

It was all set to take place, however when Will came clean to Kim that Malone’s body was buried where they wanted to do the survival challenge, she told them to move it.

Will told Kim about Malone’s body (Credit: ITV)

In this week’s episodes, the survival challenge begins with cries of enthusiasm.

As the survivalists jump into the rafts and set off down the river, Billy and Ben try to rally their respective team members.

All seems to be going well, but the day soon takes a horrible turn and many are left fighting for their lives in the menacing waters.

Emmerdale fans think Charity and Mack will find Malone’s body (Credit: ITV)

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Meena is out on a mission to kill Victoria. Meanwhile Mackenzie and Charity separate themselves from their respective groups in order to cheat.

Soon Mack hears a loud scream coming from the edge of a pond As he approaches he sees large ripples moving across the water, suggesting Charity has vanished beneath the surface.

Although it seems like there’s plenty of drama happening with the survival challenge, fans are predicting that Malone’s body will be found.

Some even suggested that Mackenzie or Charity could be the one to find the body as they separate from the group.

Emmerdale: How did DI Malone die?

Last year, dodgy Detective Inspector Malone was killed by Dawn. Dawn found out Malone had been having an affair with her dad’s fiancée, Harriet.

Malone had also been harassing Will and Dawn eventually reported him to the police.

Malone came after Dawn, trying to force her to take her own life by overdosing on drugs. But Dawn shot him in self defence, which was witnessed by Harriet.

Dawn and Harriet originally buried his body on top of another man’s grave in the village graveyard.

Dawn killed Malone last year (Credit: ITV)

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However when the true occupant’s daughter wanted her father’s body exhumed, Harriet realised Malone would be found.

This led Will and Harriet to move and bury Malone’s body at Home Farm and Will took on a job as groundskeeper, so he could keep an eye on the place.

Recently Will was forced to tell Home Farm owner Kim about the body and he fled the village.

Will the body be discovered?

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