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OPINION: Emmerdale – ‘Liv Flaherty has been changed too much and the character is being ruined’

Liv has been struggling with the guilt of Paul's death

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Emmerdale character Liv Flaherty has been a much-loved character since her first appearance in 2016.

Earlier this year, Liv found out Paul Ashdale had been abusing his son, Vinny – her boyfriend.

Liv confronted Paul, who was a gambling addict, on his wedding day in the wedding barn. However he soon turned violent and began beating her.

Moments later Jimmy accidentally crashed his truck through the barn and Paul became trapped.

Paul abused Vinny (Credit: ITV)

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Liv made an attempt to rescue Paul but, when he began threatening her, she left. Moments later the barn exploded and Paul later died.

Consumed with guilt, Liv began drinking. Liv has struggled with alcohol addiction in the past.

After nearly choking on her own vomit, Liv realised she needed help and has tried to give up drinking.

She also got back together with Vinny. However in tonight’s episode (Wednesday, August 25) she struggled with the mention of her sobriety and ended up drinking again.

But has her character been ruined?

This is what Entertainment Daily soap writer Charlotte Rodrigues thinks of this storyline.

Emmerdale: ‘Liv has completely changed ‘

Over the last few months, viewers have been on a journey with Liv.

Liv has been a fan favourite since she first arrived, however her recent behaviour feels very out of character.

Although she is struggling with addiction, she just appears to be acting cold and cruel towards the people she loves.

Liv tried to sleep with Jacob recently (Credit: ITV)

A few months ago, Liv lost her temper and ended up hitting Vinny. This really pushed it too far for me as she was so upset that Paul had been abusing Vinny.

It then seemed completely out of character for her to then hit him.

She’s also had multiple falling outs with her brother Aaron. After he found her trying to sleep with her friend Jacob, whose girlfriend Leanna just died, Aaron kicked her out of their house.

This week, Vinny congratulated Liv on being 10 days sober, however she appears to have turned cold on him.

For months she has begged Vinny for them to give things another, now she has him back it seems like she’s completely changed her mind. And I feel sorry for Vinny!

Liv hit Vinny recently (Credit: ITV)

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In tonight’s scenes we saw her drinking once again. I am in no way bashing her as recovery is so tough, but I can’t help but feel as if they’re ruining her character.

We know Liv as a kind and caring girl. How she’s treated Vinny the last few episodes really doesn’t feel right at all.

Liv is stuck

I think it would be going too far if I said the character was ruined for good. However I do think the character has a long journey ahead of her.

I would like to add that Isobel Steele has done an incredible job with this storyline and is amazing at portraying Liv.

It will be good to see what the future has in store for Liv – if she gets the help she needs and deserves.

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