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Thursday 9th April 2020

Emmerdale fans think Liam knows something about Maya - will he and Leanna bring her down?

Could the doctor hold the key to getting Maya imprisoned?

Viewers of Emmerdale were in shock last night after David Metcalfe blurted out the news of Maya Stepney's crimes to the whole of The Woolpack.

Villagers hoping for a quiet pint were instead delivered the horrifying news that teacher Maya had been arrested for sexually assaulting David's son Jacob Gallagher.

David broke down as he blurted out the disturbing news (Credit: ITV)

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The furious shop owner vented his rage and frustration in the local boozer about his fears that Maya may walk free.

He raged: "Maya, she's been sexually abusing Jacob and no one's doing a damn thing to help."

Although she has been arrested, Jacob is refusing to talk and his abuser is denying everything.

Teacher Maya is instead playing the victim and claiming Leyla Harding, Priya Kotecha and Tracy Metcalfe assaulted and kidnapped her.

It wasn't going to be a quiet night at the pub... (Credit: ITV)

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To save their skins, the three women are denying everything - including the fact Priya saw Maya kissing Jacob - which could well lead to Maya getting away with it.

Look at the doctor's face! Does he know something about her?

Fans felt every inch of David's fury at the thought of Maya not rotting in jail.

However, many others noticed Dr Liam Cavanagh's extremely strange behaviour after hearing the news and suspect he knows more than he's said so far about his ex-wife.

After David's shock announcement, the camera panned to the doctor who was sitting in a corner of the pub looking shocked.

Liam's face says it all... (Credit: ITV)

And some viewers thought his behaviour was suspicious.

One fan wrote: "Look at the doctor's face! Does he know something about her? #Emmerdale."

Another added: "Liam's face!!! Has Maya got form??? #Emmerdale."

A third pondered: "What does Dr Liam know? 🤔 #Emmerdale."

"Now it's out in the open, it wouldn't surprise me if it turns out that Maya has done this before. #Emmerdale," predicted another.

Other canny soap fans believe that Maya's former stepdaughter Leanna might be instrumental in bringing the groomer down.

Viewers know that Leanna and Maya have never got on, with the younger girl clearly holding a grudge against the teacher.

One Twitter user said: "Dr Liam looked a bit odd when David announced Maya's guilt to the pub... Has Maya tried it on with Leanna's boyfriend or something? #Emmerdale."

Another said: "Leanna clocked Maya a LONG time ago, that girl is smart #Emmerdale."

"#Emmerdale. So when will Leanna come forward to speak against Maya?" asked a third.

Do Liam and his daughter have vital evidence that could finally bring down Maya's web of lies?

And what does this mean for her character Maya? In the clink or on the run with Jacob? Or will she get away Scott free?

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