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Emmerdale: Leyla to die after Billy’s life-threatening blunder?

Leyla was shot by Meena

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Emmerdale fans called out Billy Fletcher as he made a huge blunder in last night’s episode (Wednesday, February 16).

Earlier this week, Billy and Dawn were taken by Meena to a remote viaduct. She told Billy he had to choose whether to save himself or Dawn.

However when Leyla turned up looking for the newlywed couple, Meena shot her.

Emmerdale fans call out Billy’s error

In last night’s episode, Meena fled the viaduct leaving Dawn worrying about her son, Billy tied up and Leyla bleeding out on the floor.

Billy ran out to the road to get help for Leyla (Credit: ITV)

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Billy told Dawn to go back to the village to find Lucas and he would help Leyla.

Billy managed to get himself free from his restraints and rushed over to Leyla, who was barely conscious.

He said he was going to go to the road to get help and soon ran off.

However fans were left questioning why Billy didn’t look through Leyla’s car for her mobile to call for help.


Emmerdale: Liam pushes Meena off the bridge

Later in the episode, Liam found out Meena was back.

He soon saw Meena running around the village and went after her with a pitchfork.

Liam confronted Meena demanding to know where his wife Leyla is and she told him she shot him.

He ordered her to take him to Leyla, but she ran off. He chased her through the graveyard and to the humpback bridge where Meena killed Liam’s daughter, Leanna, last year.

Liam pushed Meena off the bridge (Credit: ITV)

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Meena began to wind up Liam by telling her about Leanna’s death, but when he went to attack her, she said Leyla was bleeding out and he could still get to her in time.

Liam threw the pitchfork in the river, but Meena then continued to upset him saying: “God Leanna was fun to kill though.”

Seeing red, Liam pushed Meena off the bridge and she landed in the exact spot Leanna died.

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