Emmerdale: Kim Tate will take Gabby’s baby when it’s born, fans predict

Kim is looking forward to having another grandchild

Emmerdale fans are predicting Kim Tate will take Gabby Thomas’s baby when it’s born.

A few weeks ago, Gabby told Kim and Jamie that she is pregnant with Jamie’s child after their night together.

Jamie didn’t take the news well and tried to get Gabby to have an abortion. However Kim was thrilled with the news and invited Gabby to move into Home Farm.

Earlier this week, Gabby was shocked when she discovered that Jamie had only started pretending to be nice to her in order to convince her to get an abortion.

Jamie tried to convince Gabby to have an abortion (Credit: ITV)

She later ended up collapsing and at hospital she was told she has hyperemesis gravidarum.

Unsure of what to do, Gabby confided in her stepmum Laurel that she wanted an abortion and she thought a baby would be an inconvenience on her and Jamie.

Laurel offered to raise the baby as her own. But after a chat with Kim, Gabby decided to keep and raise the baby on her own.

Kim convinced Gabby to keep the baby (Credit: ITV)

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In last night’s scenes (Thursday, March 11) Laurel and Kim told Gabby she needed to do what’s best for her and she agreed to continue living at Home Farm, but admitted it didn’t quite feel like home.

Kim offered to decorate her room and later ordered her a huge TV for her room.

However fans think that Kim is planning to take the baby after Gabby is born.

Emmerdale: What’s next for Kim and Gabby?

In tonight’s scenes (Friday, March 12) Jamie threatens to move out of Home Farm.

But Kim calls his bluff pointing out he’d having nothing without her. She tells him to step up or step aside.

Jamie is the father of Gabby’s child, but he wants nothing to do with the baby (Credit: ITV)

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Jamie quietly assents but how long can he lives under Kim’s rules?

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